Warriors of Light

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The names listed herein are those of the brave souls who represent the heart, the very lifeblood of this site. These are the supporters, readers, champions (former and current) who have joined our community of patrons via our Patreon. Yeah, they may be receiving exclusive awesomeness for it, but we like to think they’re here out of the kindness of their golden virtue.

I take off my hat to you, our Warriors of Light! Your encouragement and support enable us to continue our great work of curing ignorance, restoring knowledge, and revitalizing the integrity of journalism. Thank you for your inspiration. Your names shall here be immortalized.

We have four reward tiers to offer:

ww.gif  Green Mages receive access to patron-only feed, spot on the Warriors of Light roster!

FFI_MSX_White_Mage_Map  White Mages receive access to Mage Chat on Discord, plus previous rewards!

FFI_MSX_Black_Mage_Map  Black Mages receive monthly content creators’ essays with tips ‘n tricks on writing and blogging, plus previous rewards!

FFI_MSX_Red_Mage_Map  Red Mages receive one-time reward of “the Bamboo Man” short story, an infinite supply of gratitude, plus all previous rewards!

Thank you so, so much to our patrons! What about you? Do you want to see your name here? Do you want some exclusive content? Do you want to champion integrity and quality gaming journalism? Do you love what we currently produce? Help us make even more: more posts, more contributors, audio reviews!

Become a Warrior of Light patron today!becomeapatronbanner.png

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