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“Essay Thirty-One: Your Spirit Will Go with the Robot–EarthBound and the Odyssey”

When perhaps you begin to doubt yourself and despair, darkly wondering if this place, of all places, would not receive you, Ness and his friends are let into the living room. It is to put you in the position Pokey was in that fateful night, when he thought his little brother was lost, and he pounded on the door of the one friend he might have to help him.

“Essay Twenty-Eight: Fire Spring and the Full Sound Stone–On EarthBound and Vision”

With the eighth sanctuary, Fire Spring, today we’ll complete the final note in the Sound Stone’s melody. Thus today’s will be a highly musical episode, so I could wish I were more knowledgeable on that subject, but at least I can play some clips of the songs under discussion and you can decide for yourself how far to go with my amateur musicology.

“Essay Twenty-Seven: Not All Who Wander Are Lost Underworld — EarthBound and Aristophanes”

In terms of historical and literary precursors here, EarthBound’s Lost Underworld clearly owes something to conventions established in the Hollow Earth sci-fi subgenre, starting back with Jules Verne again, his Journey to the Center of the Earth, and to Arthur Conan Doyle, with his Up-esque plateau of un-extinct dinosaurs in The Lost World.