Summon Partnerships


Espers and eidolons, Ramuh, Shiva and Ifrit step aside because this page is about new partnerships and networking that The Well-Red Mage participates in with the many talented people out there.

“No mage is an island” goes the old parodied adage, and we’re taking that to heart. Name-dropping is not something we take lightly, though. For instance, we once had a links page (replete with images of the hero in green from the Legend of Zelda because cliché joke) but I eventually took it down as it was filled with bloggers I met and made friends with but I soon knew too many bloggers to keep up on it! That’s what widgets are for, of course.

The following names represent creators I can get behind. I’m going to do what I can to promote their work and they ours in order to establish a mutually beneficial relationship. Please check out what they have to offer!




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