A thoughtful ensemble podcast hosted by the Well-Red Mage and a rotating roster of guests casting their magical insights on video games, one title at a time.

“Shall we accompany our automobile trip with a session of MAGE CAST?”





MAGE CAST: Side Quests


Our podcasts can be found:

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a list of my recommended podcasts


*The Unlikely Herocast
The Unlikely Herocast is the latest audio podcast associated with the site, CounterAttack Games.”

*The MoeGamer Podcast
“Recent happenings in gaming with a focus on JP/retro, commentary on what we’ve been playing lately (not necessarily new stuff!) and rounded off with a topic-based discussion.”

*XLXE Podcast
“A podcast series about #Atari #8bit computers and other shenanigans.”

*Retro Game Brews Podcast
“Retro game collector, beer lover, voice over artist, author  as The Beer Mage & podcaster.”

*Arcade Castle
“A Podcast That Looks At Board Games, Video Games, and Those Things That Got a Little Bit of Both”


*Role Playing GamesCast
“A video game book club style podcast. We’ll initially be focusing on RPGs from the 90s to early 2000s.”

*Flip the Table
“The podcast about the other side of board games”


*It’s A Classic
“Jess grew up on classic movies. Kayla did not. Jess is fixing that problem in this movie review podcast.”

*Sequelcast 2
“We talk about movies in a franchise one flick at a time.”


“Podcast of 3 lifelong friends, taking on nerd culture each week.”

*The All-Star Comics Podcast
“Weekly podcast featuring comic book and graphic novel reviews, previews and news. Powered by Horizon Comics.”

*The Darkrast Podcast
“On the Darkrast Podcast, Jake Stewart is joined by various guests with the goal of having a good conversation. From video games and the internet, to relationships and maturation, each episode aims to get a little personal.”

*Eh! Steve!
“Eh! Steve! features myself and my real life meatspace friend Steve discussing video games and film.”