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An ensemble podcast hosted by the Well-Red Mage and a rotating roster of guests casting their magical analyses on video games, one title at a time.




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Side Quests

A podcast led by the ABXY Mage and featuring a rotating party of guests that discusses video games and related topics.






We are the Opinioneers. Three nerd dads discussing nerd culture over whiskey.






KakeBytes is an adventure through gaming history. Join your host, KatyKakes, on a journey to uncover gaming’s long history and talk to industry professionals on their role in the past, present, and future of an industry that is continuously evolving.




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A series of podcasts that explore video game news & debate topics that are relevant in today’s gaming culture.




Philosophiraga – coming soon

Story Mode – coming soon

Fellowship of the Drinks – coming soon



Recommended Podcasts

*The Unlikely Herocast
The Unlikely Herocast is the latest audio podcast associated with the site, CounterAttack Games.”

*The MoeGamer Podcast
“Recent happenings in gaming with a focus on JP/retro, commentary on what we’ve been playing lately (not necessarily new stuff!) and rounded off with a topic-based discussion.”

*XLXE Podcast
“A podcast series about #Atari #8bit computers and other shenanigans.”

*Arcade Castle
“A Podcast That Looks At Board Games, Video Games, and Those Things That Got a Little Bit of Both”

*Role Playing GamesCast
“A video game book club style podcast. We’ll initially be focusing on RPGs from the 90s to early 2000s.”

*Flip the Table
“The podcast about the other side of board games”

*It’s A Classic
“Jess grew up on classic movies. Kayla did not. Jess is fixing that problem in this movie review podcast.”

*Sequelcast 2
“We talk about movies in a franchise one flick at a time.”