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The Well-Red Mage is always looking for friendly, articulate contributors who are passionate about gaming, writing, and community!

Whether you run a blog, you’re thinking of starting one but don’t want to deal with the hassle, you are looking for a community of writers to be a part of, or you just love gaming and you want to express your opinions about any game from any era, you’re welcome to join our party!

We host a diverse range of content from writers around the world: long-form video game critiques, second opinion reviews, editorials and opinion pieces, recurring columns, group collaborations, “day-in-the-life” blog posts, first impressions and highlights, musical interludes, and podcasts! You can read more about our main types of content, as well as how our 10-point grading scale breaks down, on our Instruction Manual page.

TWRM is primarily a review site. Our formatting is easy to follow and a requirement for all reviews and critiques. Reviews/critiques should ideally be for games we’ve never reviewed before, so you can see our Archives for a list of games we’ve tackled.

I can lend some assistance with editing but I prefer our collaborators have a firm grasp of the English language, and also wield some writing skills and interest in writing. I will ask for a sample of your work. I request little else other than 1) sticking to our format, 2) honoring our dedication to long-form content, 3) getting a mage avatar, 4) keeping things generally family-friendly, and 5) allowing The Well-Red Mage to feature your post exclusively for a two-week period. I will not pressure you to finish a post “on time” or by a deadline. This remains a private site, not a professional one, and I believe in enjoying the writing process. You also retain authorial rights to your posts here, which you can take down or alter however you see fit (within the previously described rules).

We’re on a quest to revitalize and renew the world of games writing!


Become a Mage!

*Please provide two links for your writing (preferably gaming related):
*Your systems/consoles:

*Why are you interested in joining TWRM?:

*Proposed Mage name(s) for your avatar:
*Are you willing to submit your work to an editor before it’s published?:
*Are you willing to follow TWRM’s formatting (here) for reviews/critiques?:
*Are you willing to keep your posts generally family-friendly in tone and language?:
*Pitch for your first contribution:

Please email your answers to

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    • Hi and thank you for the follow! I would love to begin a conversation with you about joining the our writing team and what that all entails. Would you be available to send me a PM on Twitter or Discord or FB? Or an old fashioned email works too.


  1. With Nintendo 64 now in tow, we think we could bring some
    fun to your entourage. (Also our love of online free to play)
    + Would love to feature The Well Red Mage on our summer
    blog tour if that would be of any interest to you? All the best!

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  2. This is a really cool site, and I would love to contribute. I’ve written a few reviews on my blog (you can find them at about games you haven’t written about. It would be my pleasure to contribute if you’re interested.

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      • Haha. So, I just skimmed through the backlogs and it appears you have yet to do a Shovel Knight review. Or did I miss it? I’m nearing the end of my first playthrough and would like to do a review of it when I get done. I also saw that you had a Punch Out post!… and you and I even made a similar joke about racism to the *exact* same picture. That’s an awkward and embarrassing feeling. I’m going to do a little trimming now.

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        • I have yet to play Shovel Knight! I’m looking forward to picking that title up on the Switch, actually. It’s some kind of extended version if I remember right. That Punch-Out!! post was for an article which appeared in the news at the time about someone discovering a previously unknown visual cue in the game. Weird! I definitely do not even remember that joke you’re referring to! Haha!
          If you’d like to write a review, we can talk details on the Facebook page (using the instant messenger on our Well-Red Mage Page). I can get you your own custom mage sprite and everything!

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          • Whew! I’ve changed my post now. Again, looking through the backlog, and seeing some of your gaming faves I’m sure you’re absolutely gonna love Shovel Knight!

            I’m not on facebook :\, is there any other way we can chat that works for you? I’m on Twitter (@wakalapi) if PM’ing there works for you.

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  3. Am I welcome to join your party? If so, I’d love to write a couple of reviews for you here and there. It would be awesome if you or the Rage Mage could do a couple of guest articles for us and Stuff and That as contributors, too, but it’s up to you – as is the other decision. No idea what Mage I would be if this did happen!

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