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Well-Red-Mage-Black-.pngThe Well-Red Mage

Founder/Admin/Renaissance Man/Ludological Polymath/Theologian/Classy Guy
Classics Gamer lvl.32
Alias: Moses Norton
Primarily plays PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, NES, SNES, Game Boy, N64, GameCube, Wii, Nintendo Switch, Game Gear, Sega Genesis, Sega Saturn, 3DS, Atari 2600, Xbox 360, PC, Mobile, Vectrex.
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“You can never get an RPG long enough or a cup of tea big enough to suit me.”


whiteoutmage  The White-Out Mage

Devout Editor/Proofreader/Graphic Designer/Foxy Lady
Girly Gamer lvl.30
Alias: Blythe Norton
Primarily plays NES, KirbyFinal FantasyKingdom Hearts and cutesy games

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“A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in settings of silver.”


timemage  The Timely Mage

Co-Author/Brainstormer/Master of Time Management/Organizer
Avid Gamer lvl.29
Alias: Cameron Kim
Primarily plays PS4, PS3, PS2, PSX, PSP, PlayStation Vita, Sega Genesis, Sega 32X, N64, Gameboy, GBA, GBC, NDS, and PC
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Likes “friends who are passionate about gaming.”


FF3-NES-Summoner2.png  The Green Screen Mage

Co-Author/Fangirl/Special Effects Aficionado/Sarcastic
Story Gamer lvl.24
Alias: Kayla Miller
Primarily plays Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PC, N64, Gamecube, Wii, Wii U, Dreamcast, PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Gameboy, and 3DS
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There is no such thing as fiction. Just non-fiction written in the wrong parallel universe.


blackmage  The Black Humor Mage

Co-Author/Personal Assistant/Offensive Wizard
Connoisseur Gamer lvl.20
Alias: Armando Garcia
Primarily plays PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, 3DS, GBC, GBA, Gamecube and Xbox 360
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“Something borrowed…”


silverscreenmage1  The Silver Screen Mage

Co-Author/Film Expert/Movie Head
Cinematic Critic lvl.25
Alias: Devon Logan
Primarily watches Disney/Pixar, Marvel/DC, Blockbusters

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He who SAYS he CAN and he who SAYS he CAN’T, are usually BOTH correct.


sshowmage  The Shamrock Show Mage

Co-Author/Movie n’ TV Show Buff/Comic Book Enthusiast /Music Obsessor/Sarcasm Rhetorician
Binge Critic lvl.29
Alias: Andy Trejo
Primarily watches Marvel/DC, Action, Comedy, Drama
Primarily plays Xbox One

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“Hi, I’m Batman.”


White Mage 8-bit right  The Writing Beige Mage

Co-Author/Narrative OCD/Student by day, Gamer by night/Dungeon Master
Procrastinating Completionist Gamer lvl.19
Alias: Alex Schindler
Primarily plays PC, Xbox One

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EVE Online was my economics class.


FF3-NES-Magus2.png  The Red Hot Chili Mage

Co-Author/Twerpy English Boi/Lofty Ambitions/Lazy/Rock Music Fanatic
Somewhere between Casual and Hardcore Gamer lvl.15
Alias: Reuben Saunders
Primarily plays PS4, PS3, 3DS, DS, Gamecube, Wii U, Xbox One, Megadrive.

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“The world needs Kentucky Fried Duck.”


mystic_knight1  The Midnight Mystic Mage

Co-Author/Citizen of Hyrule/Wannabe Comedian/Lovecraftian Monstrosity
Laid Back Gamer of the Sublime 3rd° lvl.30
Alias: Christopher Kester
Primarily plays Gamecube, N64, 2DS, Xbox One/360/OG, PS2/PS3, Steam/PC.

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“I’m pretty sure every book, movie, game, and thought has been in some way inspired by H.P. Lovecraft, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, or Edgar Allan Poe.”


ff3-nes-sage2  The Evergreen Sage Mage

Co-Author/World Philosogamer Extraordinaire
Peacemaker Gamer lvl.36
Tony Brave
Primarily plays PC, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, Xbox 360, PS3 Wii, PS4.

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“I find being useless is of extreme utility, and vice versa.”


ff3-nes-viking1  The Bearded Board Mage

Co-Author/Fun-loving/Laid Back/Voluptuous
Casual Gamer lvl.28
Alias: Chris Mellinger
Primarily plays (Euro) board games, tabletop games, tablet/phone/mobile, PS4, PC, FPS, RTS, and economy based games, tcg’s/ccg’s.

“Party on dudes!”


Monk-ff1-nes  The Magenta Martial Arts Mage

Kung-Fu Fighter/Grooming Specialist/Electrical Engineer/Atari Deconstruction Expert
Long-haired Gamer lvl.26
Alias: Bruce Sabatoni
Primarily plays mobile games.

“See you in Heaven!”


spoonybardmageright.jpg  The Spoony Bard Mage

Co-Author/Ballad Butcherer/Ditty Destroyer/Saucy Spoonsmith/Gallivanting Gamer
Whimsical Gamer lvl.32
Alias: Jay Borenstein
Primarily plays PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch, 3DS, N64, SNES, NES.

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“Once again, from the top!”


FF3-NES-OnionKnight.png  The Moronic Cheese Mage

Co-Author/Mr. Wapojif: quirky buffoon behind the internet’s most moronic blog
Indie Gamer lvl.32
Alias: Alex Morris
Primarily plays Nintendo systems, Steam, PC, retro consoles from the NES upwards.

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“Peace and vegetables.”



finalfourteenthmage.png  The Final Fourteenth Mage

Co-Author/JRPG fanatic/Japanese student/Fire Pokémon trainer
Final Gamer lvl.26
Alias: Priscilla Cullen
Primarily plays FFXIV, PS4, PS3 and 3DS.

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HandheldMage1  The Hopeful Handheld Mage

Co-Author/Quiet/Honest/New to things like blogging and Twitter/Scared of leopards, ninjas and leopard ninjas
Enthusiastic but hopeless Gamer lvl.31
Alias: Retro Redress
Primarily plays Sega Mega Drive/Master System, Atari ST, Xbox 360, and PS4. Have played pretty much every system from 8-bit onwards.

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“Be what you want to be not what you think you should be…”


EKkbAqWy  The Brave Blue Mage

924 Gamer lvl.64
Primarily plays N64, F2P, MTG.

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“I study my enemies, to protect my friends.”


sincerescholarmage.png  The Sincere Scholar Mage

Lazy gamer lvl.25
Alias: Caleb Edwards
Primarily plays PC, GameCube, Game Boy, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, Atari 2600, NES, SNES, N64, Wii.

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“Moral indignation is jealousy with a halo.”


Kx18GL1dNEW  The Dapper Zaffre Mage

Co-Author/Magitek Aficionado
Protag Gamer lvl.25
Primarily plays PC, Mobile, NES, SNES, N64, 3DS, PS4, PSX, PSP.

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“Enlightenment is realizing some villains are just trying to save you from the sheer incompetence of the NPCs.”


nostalgiamage  The Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage

Co-Author/Tweaky caffeine addict/90’s culture connoisseur/Cigar aficionado/Adrenaline chaser by motorcycle & mountain bike
Impatient Gamer lvl.29
Alias: Geddy Lee
Primarily plays handhelds! 3DS, DS, Vita, PSP, Switch, PC. Lifetime Nintendo fan!

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FF3-NES-WhiteMage1.png  The Purple Prose Mage

Co-Author/Pusher of social boundaries/laugh track imaginer/self-impressed melodramatist
Postmodernist Gamer lvl.21
Alias: Alex Sigsworth
Primarily plays PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, GameBoy Advance, and some PC.

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“I’m not creepy. I’m just quiet and make good eye contact.”


FF3-eggshellnotail  The Exuberant Eggshell Mage

Co-Author/Yoyo Lifestyle/Stands Behind the Tank/Hip-hop Bum
Group Gamer lvl.22
Alias: Josh Schneider
Primarily plays PC, MMORPGs.

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“St. Louis?”
“No, Navin Johnson.”
-The Jerk (1979)


InfernalMage  The Infernal Accountant Mage

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1Ve3maF  The Iron Mage

Co-Author/Guitarist/Metalhead/Producer/Seducer/Ancient History Buff/Brain Salad Surgeon/Pretentious Poet
Avant-gamer lvl.0
Alias: Rus Gordon
Primarily plays PC, NES, SNES, PS1, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, PS Vita, GBC, GBA, DS, 3DS, GameCube, IOS.

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“Hell is this:
The lack of anything but the eternal to look at
The expansiveness of salt
The lack of any bed but one’s
Music to sleep in.”
-Jack Spicer, Orfeo


on1.png  The Valiant Vision Mage

Co-Author/I enjoy multiplayer games and games that make a point to be fun!
Gritty Gamer lvl.1
Alias: unknown
Primarily plays the Wii, Wii U, Switch, and basically any Nintendo handheld.

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“What matters isn’t whether you can see the future or not. It’s the will to make a choice, and the strength to seize your destiny.” -Shulk, Xenoblade Chronicles


BBMage  The Badly Backlogged Mage

Co-Author/Tortured completionist/cannot-die-has-games-to-finish
Retro Gamer lvl.0
Alias: Mr Backlog
Age: My first computer was an Apple II
Primarily plays PC and PS4, especially of the RPG variety; familiar with the major consoles from 2600 onwards.

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“Padding is the enemy. Repetition is the enemy. Embrace brevity – no-one walks out of a film and says ‘I wish that had been longer’.”


lividlightningmage  The Livid Lightning Mage

Co-Author/Outcast FFXIII Trilogy Lover/Lightning Farron’s #1 Fangirl/Master of the Snow Punch/Amiibo Addict/Cranky INFJ/Ex Canadian Army Reserve Soldier/Unconfident Writer
Escapist Gamer lvl.28
Alias: Ellen “Lightning” Hennigar
Primarily plays NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii, Wii U, Switch, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, DS, 3DS, PSX, PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Vita, Xbox, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

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“None of us are here forever. Play what you love, ignore what you don’t, respect other opinions, and most importantly – have fun with video games and life.”


FF3-NES-Dragoonbasic  The Wonderland Dragoon Mage


ragemage  The Rage Mage

Doesn’t Like Anything/Not Allowed In The Building/Irritates The White-Out Mage/Anger Management Drop Out
Ragequit Gamer lvl.∞
Alias: unknown
Primarily plays anything with headshots and trolls. Grows more powerful playing crappy games.

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“DO NOT WANT!!!!1”