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Bill Tucker

Jersey based and New York bred, Bill Tucker is an author of film reviews, short fiction and articles for variety of sites and subjects. He currently blogs for The Austinot (Austin lifestyle), the Entertainment Weekly Blogging Community (TV and film) and (retro gaming). He's also contributed articles to Texas Highways magazine. His favorite pastimes include craft beer snobbery, gaming and annoying his friends with random quotes from The King of Comedy. You can check out all of his literary naughty bits at

Retro Thunderdome – Ninja Gaiden (NES) vs Castlevania (NES)

At first glance, the participants in today’s struggle for digital dominance couldn’t be more different. In one corner, you have a Gothic-themed horror game and in other, a high flying ninja revenge quest. But a deep dive into these 8-bit classics reveal eerie similarities in design, control, and difficulty. How do these titles stack up in the crucible of Thunderdome examination?