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Russell Gordon

Writing is a pass-time, and so are music-making, walking, and eating!

EarthBound Beginnings/Mother (1989)

The point of me writing on this game over 25 years after its initial release is not to determine if it’s a good game or not, but rather, to spark discussion on its context in the wider setting of digital play, how its heartfelt story might resonate with players across cultures and generations, what its themes are trying to communicate.

Original Journey (2017)

“It wasn’t like there was some obvious change. Actually, the problem was more a lack of change. Nothing about her had changed – the way she spoke, her clothes, the topics she chose to talk about, her opinions – they were all the same as before. Their relationship was like a pendulum gradually grinding to a halt, and he felt out of synch.”
–Haruki Murakami, Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman