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Untitled2  The Well-Red Mage

timemage  The Timely Mage

FF3-NES-Summoner2.png  The Green Screen Mage

blackmage  The Black Humor Mage

silverscreenmage1  The Silver Screen Mage

sshowmage  The Shamrock Show Mage

White Mage 8-bit right  The Writing Beige Mage

FF3-NES-Magus2.png  The Red Hot Chili Mage

mystic_knight1  The Midnight Mystic Mage

ff3-nes-sage2  The Evergreen Sage Mage

spoonybardmageright  The Spoony Bard Mage

FF3-NES-OnionKnight.png  The Moronic Cheese Mage

FF3-NES-Geomancer1  The Five More Minutes Mage

finalfourteenthmage  The Final Fourteenth Mage

HandheldMage1  The Hopeful Handheld Mage

EKkbAqWy  The Brave Blue Mage

sincerescholarmage.png  The Sincere Scholar Mage

Kx18GL1dNEW  The Dapper Zaffre Mage

nostalgiamage  The Over-Caffeinated Nostalgia Mage

FF3-NES-WhiteMage1.png  The Purple Prose Mage

FF3-eggshellnotail  The Exuberant Eggshell Mage

InfernalMage  The Infernal Accountant Mage

1Ve3maF The Iron Mage

on1.png The Valiant Vision Mage

ragemage  The Rage Mage

NOTE: All statements expressed by contributing authors are their own and do not necessarily reflect beliefs and opinions held by the Well-Red Mage.


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