“MAGE CAST” episode #026 – Trigger Warning



Our 2nd Chrono Trigger episode commences with Ryan from RetroGameBrews! It’s time to talk storyline, the balanced seamlessness of Chrono Trigger and the lack of “the grind”, the importance of player choice, rehashing the premise of the game, what we would do if we discovered an apocalyptic alien, primeval Twitch, if Chrono Trigger is really the GOAT, the most emotional scenes for us, time travel as both a story theme and a gameplay mechanic, the value of the NPC, the Chrono series as a whole, a word on Radical Dreamers and the beautiful world of Chrono Cross, the broken dreams of “Chrono Resurrection” and “Chrono Break”, the question of another Chrono game and whether we even want to see a sequel or remaster/remake, character etymology and making sense of their elemental affinities, the Entity mystery, why video games open with sleeping characters, schools of thought on what evil is, the sundry endings and New Game Plus.




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