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The following is a contributor post by The Midnight Mystic Mage and The One-Winged Mage

What’s up, everybody? I am known around these parts as the Midnight Mystic Mage (known by muggles as Chris Kester from Sublime Reviews) and I am here to tell you guys about a new community for readers of The Well-Red Mage. It is forming on the Amino app, which is a social media platform of sorts. One thing that I have really liked about Amino since joining is that you are not met with the same toxic jerks that you run into on many other platforms. Most of the communities that I have joined have been full of people that are super kind and supportive.

So, I found Amino by searching for different Video Games communities in the app store. I stumbled on to Video Games Amino and after really liking it, that lead me to realize there was an Amino for all kinds of interests I had. They have Aminos for horror, books, movies, Harry Potter, Minecraft, all kinds of things that might pique your interest. The set up is also really great for mobile and is designed in a way that makes it fun to check in on the communities latest blogs, quizzes, polls and other things of that nature.

The Well-Red Mage Amino specifically will be a hub to discuss all kinds of entertainment and pop culture. Most importantly though will be video games, movies, and books. The point will be to try and gather more people that will be interested in the same things we are here at The Well-Red Mage and introduce new people to this whole world. That being said, I’ve been lucky enough to be joined by another mage who has been enthusiastic in helping to get this thing up and going with me and that would be the One-Winged Mage! I’m going to pass this over to him so you can hear his point of view on what makes Amino such a fun app to follow your favorite topics with!



Thank you, buddy! Hey all, One-Winged here. I’m still fairly new to Amino but I’m already loving the setup, interactions and great all-around conversations that I’ve found among people with similar interests. While it’s not exactly huge right now, it has been showing quite a lot of growth.

Now, if you already have Facebook, Discord, Twitter or any of the many other social networking sites you may find that Amino is like a combination of all of the above. Jump into a chatroom, share pictures or videos with everyone, start a group voice chat. The interactivity here is like no other I’ve experienced.

One of my favorite experiences has been in a chat room where the host had a varied music playlist playing while everyone else commented and chatted with each other. I also always get great responses from the polls and posts I add to my wall. Like Mystic said, the communities are always friendly and supportive. So, what are you waiting for? Give it a shot and discover the possibilities! (and don’t forget to join the Well-Red community)





Here is that link again for The Well-Red Mage community, and be sure to follow all kinds of different communities that interest you. That is what makes Amino so fun. We are just in the beginning stages with our community for The Well-Red Mage, but the future is bright and it will be that much more lively with you! Thanks for reading and be sure to check out Amino and join up with TWRM while you are there.


The Midnight Mystic Mage is the resident writer of sublimereviews.wordpress.com, a reviewer of games, books, and film, and a fan of all things horror and spooky. Follow the link… if you dare!


The One-Winged Mage, aka Kalas, may have been born with only one wing, but fear not for he has found a wonderful community of friends to share his love of games through Twitter, Instagram and Youtube.


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    If you have heard of Amino and have been wondering what some good reasons are for joining, you should check out this post by the One-Winged Mage and myself. After being convinced by our inarguably persuasive reasoning you will of course want to join the the newly created community for The Well-Red Mage as well as many other communities based on things that interest you such as gaming, books, movies, wrestling, or whatever you are into!

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