“Side Quests” #17: Another Maiden Voyage (High Seas)


Music is the tool to express life and all that makes a difference.
-Herbie Hancock



abxy1 “The following is a contributor post by the ABXY Mage.”

After a short hiatus, Side Quests is finally back. And, with its return, it bring news of a changing future…

While the podcast still plans to focus on video games and video game related topics, I am going to try and focus a little more on the musical aspect of games. I love music, and I love games. So, why not bring them together even more? So, looking forward, there may be a slight increase in songs per episode, episodes about composers and genres of music, solo episodes, episodes with composers or otherwise musically talented or intellectual for guests, and episodes of varying length.

In addition, I still want to continue doing episodes like I did before, on a variety of gaming topics, and with friends and mages as guests. I still have ideas that I haven’t gotten to and I’m sure more will come along. So, while it should focus more on music in the grand scheme, it won’t be about music exclusively.

Other than talking about all of that, this episode is also a (late) companion to July’s TWRM Radio mix, “Pelagic.” I talk about video game music used for seas, oceans, sailing, and nautical adventure. I discuss a few of the instruments, commonalities between tracks based on the scenario or setting, RPG themes vs. pirate themes, and pirate games in general. I also ask for some input from you, the listeners!

So, please enjoy the return of Side Quests!



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The ABXY Mage leads a double life of unfathomable hipness, if his expertise in jazz is any indication. Music maker, fandangoist, writer, you can find this hip cat as ABXY Reviews on Twitter and on YouTube.


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