“MAGE CAST” episode #025 – Corridors of Rhyme (Chrono Trigger, pt.1)



It is time to talk about the best: Chrono Trigger, in this first episode in a CT trilogy! The ABXY Mage (@ABXY_Reviews) I and discuss the re-launch of Side Quests podcast and a new focus on video game music, the happenin’ 1990s, questioning if accurate criticism is possible near launch, my first mancave, “Just let me get to the first save point!”, what Chrono Trigger IS and what makes it so special, “time” as a theme in both narrative and game design, multiple endings, the necessity for stories to breathe, seamlessness and polish, the Dream Team, the unprecedented length of tracks in this soundtrack, our favorite music from Chrono Trigger, Nobuo Uematsu, Yasunori Mitsuda’s experience composing his first soundtrack, his list of works, his failing health, the mystery of “the Entity”, music inspired by dreams, the scope of the soundtrack with its various time period themes, Gato karaoke, the Guardia justice system, singing along with the soundtrack, and of course, the matter of objective quality. We also take your questions!




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Thanks for listening,
-The Well-Red Mage


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