“Writers Wanted for the Super Mario Multiverse collab coming 2020!”



Calling all writers!

Inspired by the Legend of Zelda collab originally conceived by NekoJonez, TWRM followed up the concept with a Final Fantasy collab which involved dozens of writers from around the globe. Each writer picked a game from the Final Fantasy franchise and wrote a (non-review) post about it. On publishing day, all of the posts went live simultaneously, linking back to an article hub called the Crystal Compendium.

The collab was a great success and now it’s time to blow it out of the proverbial water!

Super Mario is one of the most endearing and enduring figures in gaming history. No generation has been without him and he seemingly will never go away. It’s time to explore what this character and his world means to us through the Super Mario Multiverse collab, set to launch in 2020 and featuring over 100 games and 100 writers!

The rules for this epic collab are in the link below. If you’re interested in joining, please contact the Well-Red Mage on Discord, Twitter, or by email (thewellredmage@gmail.com) to get an invite. You can also leave me a comment right here on this post!

Claims on Mario games are going fast so join today! Help us celebrate one of the most endearing and enduring characters in gaming, whoever you are.



Let’s a-go!
-The Well-Red Mage


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