“Calling All Writers: Collabs, Contributors, Community, and Magic!”


There’s a party going on right here!

Actually, it’s more like a movement.

Ok, so maybe it’s more appropriate to call it a “special calling”.

Whatever it is, it’s magical…

Our world is dominated by a vicious news cyclone. The mainstream is clogged with controversies and culture wars, polluted with politics. A new game comes out and there’s a pretty big chance that it’s going to attract another spat between consumers and reporters. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen surrounding any other form of entertainment.

Beyond the big brands in games writing, IGN, Polygon, Kotaku, and the like, you’re left with a host of smaller content creators, your podcasters, social media influencers, streamers, YouTubers, and writers. It’s that last group I’m most interested in. Writers have a huge uphill battle not just to get noticed, but to find some kind of compensation for their time and efforts, even in a purely satisfactory sense. Games writing is oversaturated, out-shone by flashy visuals on YouTube, and covered by the shadow of the mainstream.

So what are small games writers to do? I say, band together!

Here’s what real readers have said about The Well-Red Mage over the years:

“I like that you focus on the actual games themselves…”

“It’s refreshing to see writing like this…”

“It’s incredible how much this site has grown in such a short time…”

“No neckbeard politics…”

You’re not going to find nontroversies and clickbait here, no articles fishing for views on the sea of manufactured outrage, nothing to trick you into reading beyond the simple attraction of the love of games and discussing them. We’re about any game, any era, any genre, any platform, period.

“Unity without unanimity” is a phrase I’m trying to popularize. It means that we can create a single-minded community without the need to think exactly the same as each other. It means we can unite and still disagree. There’s no ideological requirement for joining, can you believe it? Civil disagreement! In 2019! I know right?

In three years, The Well-Red Mage site has attracted dozens and dozens of games writers, clambering out of the shadows to make their voices heard, out of isolation and into community on a platform where everyone’s thoughts are championed and shared. And we are growing.

You are invited, O Writer. If you’re reading this, you can join the party and become a mage yourself. We need more voices like your own. We need your quality writing. We’re building something new to create an option that doesn’t have to fit into the current status quo.

You may have heard that The Well-Red Mage is financially compensating writers. This is true and it’s going to experience the same kind of snowballing effect that our concept has experienced in growing its contributors on WordPress and its patrons on Patreon. Crowdfunding is a powerful tool and we’re using it to raise games writers out of toiling away for nothing.

If you want to become a mage and join The Well-Red Mage today, you can. Just check out this page for more info: Join the Party. There’s a simple application process. I’d love to hear from you. And don’t you dare tell yourself you’re not good enough. Believe in yourself and in the power of the written word, even in a visual media world.

The sky is the limit: We’re launching new podcasts, building more community, gathering more press keys, crafting new content types, branching into new social media territories, and dreaming up all sorts of new collaborative events. Every movement has hiccups but The Well-Red Mage will never stop.

Dust off your adventurer’s staff and let’s get this epic quest underway… together!

Thank you for your support!


Did you enjoy this post? Consider becoming a Warrior of Light and join us in restoring integrity and quality to games writing. We specialize in long-form, analytical reviews and we aim to expand into a community of authors with paid contributors, a fairer and happier alternative to mainstream games writing! See our Patreon page for more info!




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