Weekend Wizard Inn

The Weekend Wizard Inn: June 28th, 2019


Greetings, fellow travelers! The Weekend Wizard Inn is open for business, so grab a seat and discuss what’s in your gaming quest log for the next few days. Maybe even do so over a piping bowl of ogre blood stew, a roasted giant’s toe, or a cool mug of our freshest snail ale! There’s a great spot over near the fire with some of your fellow mages, and it appears a purple-robed fella with a… creepy mask is waving you over! 


cba1 Happy Friday, folks! I’m Trash, a fellow mage, and every Friday afternoon I’ll be here at The Weekend Wizard Inn chowing down on whatever garbage the chef cooks up and discussing my gaming plans for the next few days. Join in down in the comment section and let everybody know what’s on your virtual agenda this weekend!

Are you working through your backlog? Playing a hot new release? Maybe some retro stuff?

On deck for me we have…


1: Lost Sphear (Switch)

I’ve been pretty distant the last few weeks while dealing with some mental health stuff. Over that time I managed to lessen my Nintendo Switch’s backlog by finishing up Cat Quest, West of Loathing, and I am Setsuna. The latter had me itching for more retro-inspired RPG goodness so I chose Tokyo RPG Factory’s follow-up to Setsuna, Lost Sphear.

According to my Switch, I’ve played it for “15 hours or more,” which feels about right. So far, the story and its cast of characters aren’t as emotionally engaging as I am Setsuna, but it’s doing enough to keep the ball rolling. You play as an orphan boy named Kanata who magically obtains the ability to use people’s memories to restore parts of the world that have mysteriously become “lost.” This leads to him being selfishly used by the Imperial Command and struggling to decide who is on the right side of the conflict.

It feels very much like I am Setsuna mechanically, featuring that game’s spritnite and momentum ATB battle system. What makes it different is that you can move your characters around the screen, like in Grandia, which allows you to hit multiple targets at once. You also unlock the ability to pilot walking mech suits, but aside from breaking objects in the environment I haven’t found them to be super useful just yet.

There’s a good chance this will be my primary focus this weekend. Otherwise, I plan on diving back into the 16-bit era with…


2: Crusader of Centy (Sega Genesis)

Playing the Sega collection on Switch has made me want to revisit some of the other RPGs not included, namely Crusader of Centy. It’s a Zelda-style game with RPG elements, but I never got around to playing it until now. Mainly because it’s ridiculously expensive in the collector’s market. I don’t always condone emulation, but in cases like this I’ll make an exception.

What about you, folks? What’s on your gaming agenda this weekend?

Trash is the Middle-aged Horror Mage and a self-proclaimed JRPG and horror game junkie. He used to be super into 2D fighters until the internet became a thing and he realized how bad he was. Most of his favorite consoles come from Nintendo and SEGA. Follow him on Twitter @Trashlevania for metal and hardcore Spotify spam, pics of his three fur babies, and Japanese wrestling nonsense.


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  1. Look at me reading and commenting on this a month later! Mental health stuff? What’s that?? *she asks while lolsobbing in soliddarity* I’ve had Lost Sphear on my backlog for a bit, but I don’t know if I can justify buying and starting along big RPG when I already have plenty of them already lying around. I did enjoy the demo of it though and didn’t have issues with some of the critiques I heard.


  2. I’ve been switching between CTR remastered and Bloodstained this weekend. Finished up the CTR’s adventure mode today. Hoping to get a bit more of Bloodstained finished tonight before the work week begins anew.


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