“Coming Soon: A Collab For EVERYONE – The Game Room World Tour!”




Calling ALL Mages, Warriors of Light, Warrior-Mages, Onion Knights, readers, fans, gamers and players…

The Game Room World Tour will be an August collab involving… everyone!

The idea is that each participant puts together a video tour of their own personal gaming space, plus the highlight and/or centerpiece of their gaming collection.

TWRM will feature a post published on the day of the collab (August 14th) which contains links to as many video tours as we manage to capture, organized alphabetically by participant, and we’ll also create a master thread on Twitter with every video that uses #TheGameRoomWorldTour hashtag.

I’ll be opening up TWRM’s YouTube channel to contributors and patrons who want to post their video tour there and don’t have a YouTube of their own. Videos can also be posted directly on WordPress or social media accounts. So long as we can view them, you’re gold.

Video tours can include music, special effects, commentary, whatever you like! Feel free to get creative, or on the other hand, keep it minimal and brief if you need to. We’re all busy so make it a project as manageable as you need it to be.

This collab is open to everyone whether your collection is big or small.

I suggest walking people through your gaming space, talking about your various items, consoles, merch, games, and then saving your highlight/centerpiece item for last, whatever it is! It doesn’t need to be rare or anything, just something you think is cool.

Basically, it’s just about creating a movement to get everyone to show off their game rooms and collections, with the promise of promotion from me and potentially everyone involved. I picked August because it’s my birth month, but I figured I’d announce it far out so people have time to set up their rooms or areas, and think about the production of it (of course it can just be a quick video on a cellphone). Happy birthday present to me right here hahaha!

Use #TheGameRoomWorldTour when posting. Video tours must be published and posted and shared on August 14!



The Game Room World Tour explained in bullet points:

  • Create a video tour for your gaming space and games collection
  • Video tours can be as elaborate or as minimal as you like, short or long, big or small
  • Collections and spaces of all sizes are welcome to be shown off
  • Finish your video tour by talking about the coolest item in your collection
  • Post your video tour on August 14, 2019
  • Include the hashtag #TheGameRoomWorldTour
  • Share your links and link back to this post, if you can
  • Let us know if you’ll be participating


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