“Side Quests” #15: Huh!? Pt. 2

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Hey, wait a minute. Everything’s cool. I said the words. I did!
-Ash, Army of Darkness



abxy1 “The following is a contributor post by the ABXY Mage.”

In part two of my discussion with The Well-Red Mage, we talk about how we mispronounced different video game words when we were stupid, little kids. Some of these include Ryu, from Street Fighter, the difference between mana and manna (and how you pronounce each of them), and a hilarious Mega Man IV story from Red. This, later, leads to more Mega Man related talk, mostly about Dr. Wily.

But first, we talk about a bunch of different Zelda names and terms including that weird instrument nobody had ever heard of before the N64. We also discuss the possible differences between Hyrule and Hylia, instead of just researching.

Finally, to wrap up this part of our conversation, we talk Pokemon; so many weird names. Since I’ve never played Pokemon, we decided to play a game where Red showed me the name of one and I had to guess how it was pronounced. However, before this, we talk about how who is better, Squirtle or Bulbasaur. Unfortunately, due to recording issues and editing needs, I had to cut the part where Red admits that I was right and Squirtle is clearly the superior Pokemon. He definitely said it though, no matter what he tries to tell you now.

What did you hilariously mispronounce as a younger person? Which starter Pokemon was your favorite? Let us know in the comments and enjoy the show!






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