Month: May 2019

“EarthBound” by Ken Baumann (Boss Fight Books)

First, a word or two about who these books are for. For you, probably, if you’re taking the time to wonder about this at all. And, if you’re feeling generous, maybe for your brother or sister who used to play 8-bit Super Mario and Final Fantasy games with you at your old house growing up.


“MAGE CAST” episode #020 – Super Poemcast Special!

For our 20th episode special, we the mages are here to share 17 original poems of all shapes and sizes and styles, each one based on a single game of our choice from the 1000 Games list! The 1000 Games collab may be over now, but there’s no reason we can’t keep milking it. Enjoy this chill Mage Cast entry, a pantheon of poets for your peaceful perusal. Let us know which one was your favorite!