“Side Quests” #14: Huh!? Pt. 1

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Is there another word for synonym?
-George Carlin



abxy1 “The following is a contributor post by the ABXY Mage.”

In this, the fourteenth episode, I am elated to welcome back The Well-Red Mage as my guest. This time around, we talk about different ways to pronounce various video game names, places, beasts, etc.

We start with a simple example of Mar-ee-o vs. Mary-o and how where your from can determine how you pronounce different terms. Then, we move on to voice acting and how some people still manage to mispronounce words that are said, out loud, in games. We touch on the occasional instance when voice acting, years later, can betray what you were so sure was the correct pronunciation, which (unsurprisingly) leads to another Tidus vs. Teedus argument from Red.

That argument then segues into my own, similar argument about the pronunciation of Ivalice from Final Fantasy Tactics and Final Fantasy XII. We then debate the difference between the Tidus and Ivalice arguments. Finally moving on, we get into Final Fantasy IV characters, EarthBound, YouTube inaccuracies, Final Fantasy VII, more EarthBound, and then more Final Fantasy VII. As you may–by now–expect, this is only the first part of our conversation. So, if we don’t cover a term you were hoping for, just wait…

For this episode, are there any you particularly agree or disagree with? Let us know in the comments, please!





The ABXY Mage leads a double life of unfathomable hipness, if his expertise in jazz is any indication. Music maker, fandangoist, writer, you can find this hip cat as ABXY Reviews on Twitter and on YouTube.


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  1. Today I learned that I am indefensible D:

    I say ‘Marry-o’ and ‘Wohr-io’. Yup. The combination you mocked!

    It’s entirely down to Britishness, though, I think: we (or at least everyone I’ve spoken to) say ‘Akkwaman’ rather than ‘Ahkwaman’ too, so our short As are usually like that, but ‘Warry-o’ just feels unwieldy. I’m not sure what the difference is, other perhaps than that we would say ‘war’ with a longer A sound and trying to say ‘warr’ with a short A would just feel a bit weird.

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    • although, as if to contradict myself, I would also tend to say ‘mahko’ rather than ‘makko’. Now I’m confused as to my own pronunciation tendencies.

      (also, I really enjoyed Red saying ‘David Attenborough’!)

      Liked by 1 person

        • I’ve always believed that one shouldn’t ever judge someone for mispronouncing a word, since it usually means they learned it by reading!

          I’ve noticed Red’s Ts before too; no idea whether it’s an accent thing or just a Red thing, since my knowledge of American continent accents is pretty limited, but he does a rather fun little glottal stop before them, which makes them sound really crisp. I like ‘em.

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