“Side Quests” #13: Non-Final Bosses Pt. 3

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“I’ll kill that plumber.”
-King Koopa, Super Mario Bros.



abxy1 “The following is a contributor post by the ABXY Mage.”

In the third, and final, part of our conversation on non-final bosses, The Bizzaro Mage, The Off-Centered Earth Mage, and I talk about some our favorite boss battle songs, and we also discuss the pros and cons of multi-stage bosses.

After that, we take a dive into “bad” bosses: boss fights restricted by mechanics, good games with not-great bosses or boss battles, and bullet-sponge bosses. This takes us into a discussion about Final Fantasy XV’s Adamantoise and finally, a brief touch on some Zelda.

Thanks for listening!



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The ABXY Mage leads a double life of unfathomable hipness, if his expertise in jazz is any indication. Music maker, fandangoist, writer, you can find this hip cat as ABXY Reviews on Twitter and on YouTube.


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