#TWRMGOTY1997 – “Today-Only Tie Breaker Round!”


“The Great Conjunction is the END OF THE WORLD! …Or the beginning. Hmph!”
-Aughra, The Dark Crystal



#TWRMGOTY1997 is over… or is it? Thank you to everyone who voted in our week-long Reader’s Choice Game of the Year ’97 event but the battle has just begun!

As it turns out, we have a tie. Here are the final results I woke up to this morning:

Screen Shot 2019-04-27 at 10.21.43 AM.png

Congratulations to everyone who participated and thank you, nominators, for nominating your nominees. The internet has decided on a tie between Final Fantasy VII (nominated by yours truly) and Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (nominated by the Hyperactive Coffee Mage), so we need to break the tie! Please cast your last vote in the poll below, which closes tonight at midnight Pacific time! VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE!


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      • If FFT was left in, I think SOTN would’ve won due to split decisions amongst FF Fans. However, to be fair to the FF split I would have also left in GoldenEye as a possible Detractor (Though the rift caused by multiple FF’s would still have possibly been greater due to being part of the same gaming lineage, as Goldeneye is of course not part of the CV Series… so I wonder, Would GoldenEye have detracted votes from SOTN or from the 2 FF’s?).

        To test a theory of Title distracted votes, pehaps we hold further disjointed/staggard votes next? votes with more stages between initial and final.

        This Vote “Big Collection” —–> “Tie Breaker”

        Next Vote perhaps…. “Big Collection” ——-> “Trim a few losers” —–> “Repeat until winner is found”? (Because now we’ll never know if the voters of the bottom 8 would have bolstered the survival of Fallout, StarFox, Ultima Goldeneye, FFT).

        It may sound a little more tedious, until you think of it as “VG Survivors” and, we could get a fair amount more mileage out of one list, Being able to use the same list means less data collection work (More Bang For Your Buck) and perhaps generating still the same amount of total interaction (Also, giving those who may have missed one or more stages of vote more chances to interact with the data at each stage).

        I don’t know if this is more work (Because of more stages), or if it’s less work (Being able to use the same data and trim and already existing list for future use), but I think it would be worth a try since it’s “Less work per planned interaction set” and might potentially give us a more accurate/In-Depth end result. (I’m pretty sure the top two would have been the same in the end, but watching the race slowly evolve over time could make for a more exciting race).

        “Lets resurrect the Internets attention span !!!”

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