“MAGE CAST” episode #018 – Clever Girl


We’re looking toward the Horizon for a new Dawn with Zero regrets! Episode “Clever Girl” wrestles with options and an over-abundance of choice, conceptual science fiction and mystery driving a story, Asimov’s Foundation novels, the difficulty of maintaining narrative pace in open-world games full of side quests, meaningless vs meaningful missions, other PS4 exclusives and ranking HZD, inventory management *yawn* and how to minimize it, whether games will get too big or not, unitaskers vs multitaskers in in-game tools, that sweet weasel meat, Aloy as other than a player avatar, feminism and the matriarchs, if Aloy is a Mary Sue and her development through the game, ideas and wishes for a sequel, ways to ramp up the tension when wandering the wilds, smashing together HZD and BotW into a single game, machine designs, and why Ted Faro is a jerk.



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