Month: April 2019

Racing Game of the Week #18: “Sega Rally Championship” (1994)

It is 25th October 1994. Susan Smith reports to police that her children have been kidnapped by an African American carjacker in order to cover up that she’d murdered them. “Baby, Come Back” by Pato Banton featuring Ali and Robin Campbell is the UK no. 1 single. SEGA opens its Sega Rally Championship arcade cabinets across Europe, using the Sega Model 2 board. It’s arguably the most significant racing game ever released.

“Essay Twenty: EarthBound and Museums, Revisited”

The greatest mnemonic devices for me, though, aside from the Sound Stone, are museums themselves, or libraries, or any of these new media which reproduce them and all they contain digitally–these treasure-houses which do not hoard up but freely pass on invaluable memories, the stories of events and artifacts we tell one another, transmitting them and their mass of meanings and interrelations from one generation to the next just as we hand down the books and heirlooms themselves.