“Announcing the Little Fella Media Podcast Network!”

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Let this post hang in the void of eternity and serve as the official announcement that MAGE CAST, the ensemble podcast by a cast of mages casting their opinions one game at a time, is now sponsored by Buzzsprout! Legit!

MAGE CAST has become a part of the Little Fella Media Podcast Network. Little Fella Media hosts and promotes live in-studio productions of independent and signed artists, and now they’ve created this network of which I’ve happily become a part.

Thank you to Buzzsprout for the support and sponsorship, and thank you to Little Fella Media for welcoming MAGE CAST in! Here are the pertinent links you should most definitely check out.

MAGE CAST can be found on: 886166_podcast_512x512

Little Fella Media can be found here: littlefellamedia.com

Other shows in the LFM Podcast Network include…

…and more to come!

Check them out and thanks for listening!

-The Well-Red Mage


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