Weekend Wizard Inn

The Weekend Wizard Inn: March 1st, 2019

Greetings, fellow travelers! The Weekend Wizard Inn is open for business, so grab a seat and discuss what’s in your gaming quest log for the next few days. Maybe even do so over a spicy rack of chocobo ribs, a cactuar cocktail, or a frothy mug of mako mead! There’s a great spot near the fire with some of your fellow mages, and it appears a man in a feathered red hat is beckoning you to come on over! 


How d’ye do, my friends! Red here enjoying a fine Friday of laughter and mirth at The Weekend Wizard Inn. Come and rest for a spell. Yes? What’s that? Where’s Trash the Middle-aged Horror Mage? Uhm, no clue…

*stuffs Soylent Green coupons deeper into pocket*

Yes, well, care for a chat while I sit and polish my espada ropera? You can join us down in the comment section below and let us know what you’re playing this weekend. Tackling that backlog or got a brand new purchase? Retro or modern? Sony, Sega, Atari, Nintendo, Xbox, or PC?

Here’s what’s occupying me this weekend…



Final Fantasy IX (Switch)

This site is Final Fantasy-themed, go figure. Actually, this was kind of a tough choice for me since FFIX just came to the Switch and FFVII was on its way. After finishing the most recent episode of MAGE CAST with my real-lifu waifu on Final Fantasy X, I knew I wanted to introduce her to another FF adventure, but the question was which one.

We ended up choosing IX and revisiting it has been lovely. I enjoy the new features added to the game to make it a more concise experience, especially since I’ve already played through the game several times in the past: you can speed up the game, max out your gil, learn abilities quickly, and play around with a few other bonuses and boosts. At first, I thought the temptation to use them would be to great, until I re-thought it and realized I didn’t need to go for a 100% playthrough yet again. We’re aiming to focus on the story, characters, and themes, so these will expedite the process.

I just wish I could turn off those ugly wallpaper banners on the sides of the screen. Ah well, the smoothing of the graphics isn’t so bad and the music is just as good as ever. Want to know more about what I think of this game? Check out my Final Fantasy IX critique!

I’ve been putting out some FFIX tweets, which you can find a mere selection of here for kicks and giggles:


So what’ll you be playing this weekend?


-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. I enjoyed the FFX podcast. Blitzball is deep enough to be a game of its own is the only thing I’ll say though 😉

    I’ll be playing Soul Calibur 6 probably, and I might round out my current XCOM run if I get time.

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  2. I finished up Tokyo Xanadu Ex+ and started another JRPG, being Death End Re;Quest. It’s by the Neptunia/Fairy Fencer folks and I’m digging it quite a bit.

    It feels different from most modern JRPGs where it’s half visual novel and half turn-based JRPG where attacking enemies sends them ping-ponging around the arena. This lets you set up some satisfying combos.

    You basically play the JRPG part as a former developer trapped in one of their MMO games that shut down a year prior. She’s been missing IRL and suddenly wakes up in the game. You can switch between the JRPG and the visual novel whenever you want, where the VN is a co-worker and friend of the missing girl and you can alter the game’s code to hack it, unlock new pathways, change the genre (shooter letting you aim and shoot at enemies on the battlefield rather than using a turn-based menu, for instance), and deal with stuff in the real world. It’s a nice mix of real world conspiracy theories and supernatural stuff and typical Idea Factory cutesy JRPG with scantly clad anime ladies.

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      • It is! Well, RPGs in general are, not JUST the Japanese-style ones. I mainly come back because I like games that make me feel invested, the worlds and characters, and how it all plays into the story. They don’t always land and I’m no stranger to abandoning the ones that don’t, but more often than not I can find enough redeeming qualities to stick around.

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  3. Starting tonight, I’ll be running a healthy mix of mostly newer games and bit of retro stuff:

    – DiRT Rally 2.0 – need to log a few more hours and run some of the more powerful cars before tackliing my review (forthcoming)
    – Forza Horizon 4 – working on seasonal Winter events and some endurance race stuff planned (may stream some long races)
    – Destiny 2 – mostly playing Gambit due to 3x Infamy earnings right now, and knocking out some more Nightfalls
    – Possibly trying out Anthem for the first time (if my oldest son yields the disc for a bit)
    – Some retro shmupping – 1943, Battle Garegga, Strikers 1945, and Blazing Star

    Looking forward to getting that controller in my hands…

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