Red Mage Briefs

Red Mage Briefs #52: “Introducing 1-Bit Bonus Content!”

As we age, we learn more about the world around us and our place in it. Hopefully. What have I learned? I learned no way do I have enough time to do a weekly podcast!

MAGE CAST, our ensemble podcast focused on a single game per episode as found on Buzzsprout and many other places, has been chugging along at two episodes a month, a new entry every other week (usually). That’s up from our initial rate which launched with one episode per month, based on very sage advice I received to start small and build upward, just in case I didn’t like podcasting at all. Well, I do like podcasting, so we bumped up to twice a month. Now that I’ve put out over a dozen episodes, I’ve realized I simply couldn’t do a new episode a week, not at this point in my life. Maybe some day, but for now, twice a week is going to have to remain the status quo.

That nixes our $150 Patreon goal to get more MAGE CAST out there, so in it’s place I’ve decided to unleash the ultimate power of 1-Bit Bonus Content! It’s still kinda more MAGE CAST, but also, it’s something new.

What is 1-Bit?

  • 5 – 15 minutes long
  • Extra content not featured in MAGE CAST
  • Topical or deleted content
  • Audio and possibly even video segments
  • Patron exclusive

As you can see, 1-Bit will be a comparatively brief upload available only on Patreon for Warriors of Light (available to all reward tiers $1 and up). Each episode of MAGE CAST will be accompanied by a 1-Bit segment. One 1-Bit may feature my thoughts on a specific subject we didn’t cover in the main episode, another might see some cut conversation that didn’t make it into the whole episode, another may feature my response to a listener question, still another could feature recent gaming pick ups, an article I’ve read, a game I’ve completed… you get the picture.

Many of our guests remark after recording that they forgot to mention something during the podcast, so this could be an opportunity for some final final statements. Ideally, the 1-Bit Bonus Content will match the episode of MAGE CAST it coincides with, subject-wise.

This is just another way that we can continue to reward our supporters, as well as build up our crowdfunding to prepare a future for games writing and community, encourage discussion, and get more MAGE CAST out there!


I’ve already begun recording 1-Bit Bonus Content and I will release them once we hit $150 in monthly pledges! We’re very close at $131. Almost there!

Thank you so so much to all the supporters who have helped us get this far: patrons, writers, readers, retweeters, friends and fans!



SPECIAL THANKS to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!

1st: Tony Brave –
2nd: Adrienne Figenbaum –
3rd: Bradley Keene –
4th: Ellen “Lightning” Hennigar –
5th: Cameron Kim
6th: Geddy Lee –
7th: NekoJonez –
8th: Jennifer Arola
9th: Elizabeth L. Cesaletti
10th: Chuck Norton
11th: Rus Gordon – and
12th: Zach Casserly –
13th: Joe Mags
14th: Will “The Keeper” –
15th: Julius King Chua –
16th: DeQuimet
17th: The Wizard Gamers – @Rayneman001
18th: TheTrueDonnieG –@thetruedonnieg &
19th: I am the Cheese – @replicantpinky &
20th: Normal Happenings –
21st: Haley Renee Gray –
22nd: Chris Cesarano – @ccesarano &
23rd: Craig Rathbone – & @winstolf
24th: Kevin Harbin – @kevinharbn
25th: Shadow Saotome – @shadowsaotome
26th: Joshua Knable – @PlayJakSayBack
27th: Stephen ‘Stev3l’ Lister – @GamingStev3l
28th: The ABXY Mage – @ABXY_Reviews
29th: Chris Durston – @overthinkery1 &
30th: Lodestar_Valor – @Lodestar_Valor
31st: MailOrderNinja – @mailorderninja
32nd: Jon Tortomasi – @JTorto40


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