Red Mage Briefs

Red Mage Briefs #51: “Something Normal This Way Comes”

February 20th.

What is so significant about this coming date?

Historians may tell you about the coronation of King Edward VI, the premiere of the Barber of Seville and Swan Lake, or the birth of Pierre Boulle and Kurt Cobain, but… none of those things are as important as TWRM’s birthday, obviously. Coming this February 20th, 2019, to commemorate the event is… something.

Actually, I can’t tell you what it is.

“So why the heck did I interrupt my hourly pee cycle for this?!” I hear you ask.

Hey, calm down. Everyone likes a surprise, right? The illustrious and incomparable Matt of Normal Happenings and I have been at work conceptualizing this “something” and we’re rolling it out on February 20th…

ALSO, I’m running a special 20.5-Day Patreon campaign designed to help attract new patrons not only to myself but to the many other creators on this platform. Here’s how it works:


(1) Any new patron who pledges monthly support to The Well-Red Mage on Patreon from Jan 31 to Feb 20 will have the option upon pledging to nominate another creator on Patreon who TWRM will begin supporting.

(2) The dollar amounts will break down thusly: For $2 pledges, TWRM will pledge $1 to your creator of choice; for $5, TWRM will pledge $2; for $10, TWRM will pledge $5; for $15, TWRM will pledge $7. Any numbers beyond this will be discussed with new patron.

(3) Support will continue for the other creator(s) as long as support continues for TWRM, as part of the funds will be directly allotted to the other creator(s).

(4) TWRM Patreon rewards will be received by patron who pledges to TWRM, and TWRM will accept rewards offered by nominated creator(s).

(5) This campaign ends after Feb 20. Any new patrons after that will no longer have the option of nominating another creator.

(6) TWRM reserves the right to cancel and block patrons, and the right to refuse to support nominated creator(s) promoting objectionable materials (at TWRM’s discretion).


This is an opportunity to spread the support around and help out the many creators who are trying to find their footing on Patreon as a crowdfunding platform! Hopefully, this campaign will help many achieve their dreams and make crowdfunding a friendlier and more community-oriented venture. Just $2 a month… that amount can impact the lives of two creators.

This is only for a limited time, so if you’ve been thinking about becoming a Warrior of Light to support The Well-Red Mage, now’s the time to make your support go even further!

In the meantime, while I can’t say much more about what’s coming soon, I’ll leave you with the first in a series of quasi-cryptic/comedic webcomics to slowly hype up and unveil our big reveal. Check out Twitter for a new comic each day up until the 20th!


SPECIAL THANKS to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!


Did you enjoy this post? Consider becoming a Warrior of Light and join us in restoring integrity and quality to games writing through thoughtful, long-form reviews. We’re a community aspiring to pay our contributors and build a fairer and happier alternative to mainstream games writing and culture. See our Patreon page for more info!


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