“Side Quests” #6: Resident Evil (1996) – Attack/Counterattack Pt. 3

Today it’s all giant bugs. Giant spiders, giant grasshoppers… Who would believe such nonsense?
-Bela Lugosi, Ed Wood


abxy1 “The following is a contributor post by the ABXY Mage.”

Well, this is it. There’s a helicopter coming in to end this show. Did we decide that Resident Evil is still worth playing? Is it still a classic? How does it hold up against the remakes and the sequels?

Of course, The Bizzaro Mage and I discuss all of this, as well as our scariest moments, and a tangent about the age of the PS1 vs. N64. We also wonder about what the future of the series will bring and why Silent Hill didn’t continue with the same success the Resident Evil series did.

Hear how our conversation closes, and the conclusions we come to. Then tell us what you think of Resident Evil in the comments.







The ABXY Mage leads a double life of unfathomable hipness, if his expertise in jazz is any indication. Music maker, fandangoist, writer, you can find this hip cat as ABXY Reviews on Twitter and on YouTube.


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