Weekend Wizard Inn

The Weekend Wizard Inn: January 25th, 2019

Greetings, fellow travelers! The Weekend Wizard Inn is open for business, so grab a seat and discuss what’s in your gaming quest log for the next few days. Maybe even do so over a piping bowl of ogre blood stew, a roasted giant’s toe, or a cool mug of our freshest snail ale! There’s a great spot over near the fire with some of your fellow mages, and it appears a purple-robed fella with a… creepy mask of sorts… is waving you over! 


cba1 Hey, folks! I’m Trash, a fellow mage, and every Friday evening I’ll be here at The Weekend Wizard Inn to help get the conversation started. I had the weirdest dream last weekend where I was transformed into a bottle of ink and sat on a dusty, old shelf while some robed guy with white hair stared at me creepily for hours and hours. I couldn’t scream or do anything but wait and it was… not fun.


Anyway, video games!

On deck for me, we have…


Kingdom Hearts Final Mix (PS4)

With my absence last week due to the aforementioned sleep-related issues, I used my time to finish up The World Ends With You on the ol’ Nintendo Switch. I really enjoyed my time with it, despite having some response issues when using the JoyCon as a cursor. The game’s take on Shibuya and its tale of finding one’s self were great, and the entire soundtrack is superb, but I can certainly see why the game was made for the DS originally.

When all was said and done, I was still in the mood for Nomura’s style of RPG and figured now was a good time to finally jump into the Kingdom Hearts series with the third entry finally releasing here soon.

I’ve only played through the original game way back when it released on the PS2. I remember mostly enjoying it, aside from a sharp difficulty curve near the end and loathing the Little Mermaid level. Although I enjoyed it, I never did bother with the other games in the series. Not sure why.

This time through I actually enjoyed the Little Mermaid level (with that and Agrabah being my current favorites). The first Ursula fight still sucks something fierce, but yeah, Atlantica was just fine all around and the game as a whole looks great for a remastered PS2 title. Platforming still feels off but it’s passable, same with the combat.

Honestly, I’ve enjoyed my time with the first game so much that I’m actually excited to stroll through the other games in the series before jumping into Kingdom Hearts III — I even bought a set of Kingdom Hearts socks today. El oh el.

Right now I just strolled into Halloween Town, so I think I’m at the halfway point. I don’t remember much beyond there aside from a Peter Pan-themed level on Captain Hook’s ship (where I spent a lot of time grinding XP back then) and the final stage being brutally difficult.

I have a lot of home renovations to do over the weekend since we’re trying to sell out house soon, so I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for video games. Rest assured, whatever time I do have will go to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix.

What about you, folks? Any big gaming plans this weekend?

Trash is the Middle-aged Horror Mage here at TWRM, an irregular co-host on The Unlikely Herocast podcast for CA! Radio, and sole contributor for his own games-related website, Cheap Boss Attack. Follow him on Twitter @Trashlevania!


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  1. I’ve thought about buying and going through the KH games again, but I really don’t think I have the patience to do it again! I’m still undecided on KH3. I’ve started playing Dark Souls on Switch which is pretty great. I don’t like that it defaults to B being confirm and A to cancel though!


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