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Developers: Jan Willem Nijman, Kitty Calis, Jukio Callio, and Dominik Johann
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Release Date: August 9, 2018 (Switch)
Platform/Console: Nintendo Switch
Genre: Action-Adventure


cba1 “The following is a contributor post by the Middle-aged Horror Mage.”

There was no shortage of amazing games to play throughout 2018, of which I’ve already listed out my 10 favorites. This collaboration event is a competition of sorts, so it goes without saying that the Ink-Stained Mage was right by picking Celeste on the 1st of January. Damn them.

With Celeste being the only correct choice and an absolute masterpiece, I at least wanted to pick another game that takes a familiar genre and breathes new life into it. That game is Minit.


Upon finding a cursed sword, our duck-lipped hero is gifted with death every 60-seconds. This plays into the flow of the game, which is kind of like classic The Legend of Zelda with Undertale’s humor. You explore the world, collect new items and abilities, solve puzzles, and do so while meeting your demise whenever your minute is up. Everything you collect and all of your progression rolls over, so it’s all about progressing further and exploring new areas as efficiently as possible.

To make exploration a little easier, you can discover new respawn points and eventually unlock an optional fast-travel system later in the game. There isn’t much direction in what to do or where to go next, which leaves it up to you, dear player, to die and die again.


The music is also fantastic, with a great blend of fitting chiptunes that thematically fit the environments. Composer Jukio Kallio’s “Sabasaba Desert” embodies that special feeling of exploration, with its slower-paced opening transitioning into a more upbeat sense of full-blown adventure. Being greeted by “Alarming Swamp” and its familiar animal noises eventually thrusts the player into a speedier array of acoustic guitar-infused chiptunes that elicit danger and excitement. There’s even an in-game jukebox that plays chiptune black metal! Minit provided one of my favorite soundtracks of 2018 and it’s still one I regularly fall back on even months after finishing it.

There isn’t much else that can be said of Minit. After all, it’s a short 90-minute game conquered in brief 60-second intervals. It has a wonderful retro-inspired, minimalist aesthetic that works perfectly in tandem with its imaginative soundtrack and unique gameplay hook. There’s even a “master quest” post-game version that switches things up and reduces the time limit to 40-seconds instead.

Upon picking it up it certainly felt familiar, but Minit is comprised of fresh ideas that made this unique adventure one of my favorite games of 2018.


+Easily finished in a single sitting
+Unique ideas breathe life into a familiar genre
+Short lifespan inspires efficient exploration and puzzle solving
+Genuinely funny dialogue between characters
+Incredible soundtrack
+Supporting Devolver Digital is always a good idea
+Perfect on-the-go handheld game

-Short length may deter some
-An obtuse puzzle or two


Trash is the Middle-aged Horror Mage here at TWRM, an irregular co-host on The Unlikely Herocast podcast for CA! Radio, and sole contributor for his own games-related website, Cheap Boss Attack. Follow him on Twitter @Trashlevania!


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  1. Yeah, Minit is fabulous. I’m tempted to get it on Switch, as well as Steam. But a very simple idea delivered to total perfection. Really great for busy working professionals with little free time, too. Mega.

    And the sequel should be called Two Minits.

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