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#TWRMradio2019 – “A Year of Music”



2018 is now just a memory for ghosts. Today, it’s 2019 and we’re introducing an entire year of video game music! What better way to celebrate the games that bring us together and fill the next 365 days with wonder, joy, and curiosity than by filling it with music?

TWRM Radio, as you may know, is a YouTube series about highlighting various themes within video game music, from waltzes to winter, summer to speed, home to horizon. In addition to the frequent themed mix you’ll see pop up throughout the year, I decided to dial TWRM Radio up a notch… I am going to upload one of my favorite pieces of video game music every day for an entire year.

I did my best to cast a wide net and feature tunes across the vast history of gaming from multiple developers and companies, different consoles and computers, of different styles and purposes. It’s my sincerest hope that the one language we all hold in common, music, helps transport your 2019 to the status of “best year ever”.

Oh and look, since today is January 1st, here is the first song to kick off this massive project. You can find the rest of the uploads on our YouTube channel throughout 2019, in addition to the MAGE CAST and Side Quests podcasts, other mixes and misadventures. I really appreciate your support, everyone who has helped encourage this concept we call The Well-Red Mage and fed their thoughts into it: Mages and Warriors of Light and readers, all. This year of music is dedicated to you.

And now… day one. Of course, we’re starting on the right foot.

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In your service,
-The Well-Red Mage


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