“The TWRM GOTY 2018 Collab!”

So passes 2018, son of 2017, steward of Time…

With 2019 on the horizon, it’s time for yet another special event here at TWRM! This collab will feature 15 writers and 15 games, each of them attempting to convince you, the reader, that their game should be crowned TWRM GOTY of 2018. Over the next 15 days, our writers will make their cases and arguments and defenses, with one article posted daily in the order of our games’ release dates. After all 15 have said their piece, that’s when it’s your turn. Yes, the power is in your hands this time.

The result will by decided based on readers’ choice. You will have the opportunity to vote for any of the 15 games we’ve laid out on January 16th, and the winner will be announced on the 17th. It’s better this way. Less tyranny.


So who will it be? Here is our calendar for the next few weeks:

1st: The Ink-Stained Mage for #TeamCeleste

2nd: The Bizzaro Mage for #TeamValkyriaChronicles4

3rd: The Middle-aged Horror Mage for #TeamMinit

4th: The Mail Order Ninja Mage for #TeamGodOfWar

5th: The Blood-Stained Metal Mage for #TeamDarkSoulsRemastered

6th: The Well-Red Mage for #TeamMoonlighter (vote for me or I’ll say random threats)

7th: The Blue Moon Mage for #TeamHollowKnight

8th: The Iron Mage for #TeamDragonQuestXI

9th: The ABXY Mage for #TeamGuacamelee2

10th: The Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage for #TeamMarvelsSpiderMan

11th: The Final Fourteenth Mage for #TeamPokemonLetsGo

12th: The Valiant Vision Mage for #TeamSuperSmashBrosUltimate

13th: The Moronic Cheese Mage for #TeamYokusIslandExpress

14th: The Purple Prose Mage for #TeamSpyroReignitedTrilogy

15th: The Rage Mage for #TeamChronoTriggerOnSteam

And again, there will be a full day of voting on the 16th.

On the 17th, the winner will be crowned TWRM GOTY of 2018!


This is our first highly competitive collab, so help us make it a fun one. Sabotage, psychological warfare, spike traps, wordplay, foreplay, gameplay… it’s all legal! May the best mage game win…!

-The Well-Red Mage


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