Christmage Day 19: “Battle for Bikini Bottom”


blackmage “The following is a contributor post by the Black Humor Mage.”

There are few of my Christmas gifts that have come in the form of video games. I usually receive socks or am forced to eat a lump of coal. That is the tradition, right? Anyways, video games and consoles are more for my birthdays, yet I can remember the definitive video game gift I received for Christmas.

Like any other child born in the ’90s, my experience in the early 2000’s was a fever-induced hallucination of Spongebob episodes which can be clearly remembered to this day. My life was surrounded by Spongebob Squarepants media and memorabilia. So, when a 3D platformer was announced for the current generation at the time, there was nothing more in the world that I wanted. The aforementioned platformer is none other than Spongebob Squarepants: Battle for Bikini Bottom.


I clearly remember when our family opened presents at midnight of Christmas 2003. In a sweaty haze, I unwrapped a video game shaped present and there was the game for PlayStation 2. In true overdramatic fashion, I yelled and pretended to faint and fall on top of my cousin. There is a picture of this moment somewhere. I immediately popped that game in and stayed up all night playing it with my cousins.

Now, I must contend that Battle for Bikini Bottom is not the greatest game ever. It is nothing that is going to be remade any time soon. However, at that moment of my childhood, it was the greatest game ever. This moment reminds me how long I have been playing video games and my unwavering love for Spongebob. I would argue that the first three seasons of this cartoon are legitimately some of the best comedy writing I have ever seen. Stephen Hillenburg and the others who worked on the cartoon are incredibly talented and funny people.

With the recent passing of Mr. Hillenburg, I would like to thank him for his work. Spongebob was a unique cartoon with a very unique sense of humor. Thank you for filling my childhood with so many laughs.


NPC’s, I would like to wish all of you happy holidays and a happy new year. I hope this season and upcoming year are filled with a lot of laughter and great games. Do not stay up too late playing them ;).





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  1. Opened presents at midnight? That is madness!!! But I like it. This game was so fun back then, I don’t want to ever go back and ruin that opinion by trying to play it again either. Great story!


  2. “Battle for Bikini Bottom” will always remain a childhood favorite for me. I recently began a replay of the game, and much like Spongebob’s first three seasons, it really still holds up. Whatever shortcomings it might have in gameplay (few though I see them) are mitigated by the absolutely wonderful comic timing of it all.


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