Christmage Day 18: “‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…or maybe it was January.”

The world has got a smile today
The world has got a glow
There’s no such thing as strangers
When a stranger says “Hello”
And everyone is family
We’re having so much fun
After all there’s only one more sleep till Christmas

–Paul Williams (The Muppet Christmas Carol, “One More Sleep Till Christmas”)


FF3-NES-Summoner2.png “The following is a contributor post by the Green Screen Mage.

There is nothing more I appreciate about the holidays than spending time with people I care about. Getting cozy, eating good food, getting presents, and having a little extra free time are all great perks, but spending time with good friends and family are what the holidays are all about.

For me, playing video games is about the same thing. Now, I love solo shooters, climbing mountains in Zelda, and getting to the end of an amazing storyline in a game, but my fondest memories aren’t of those solo times. They’re of my family gathered around a console cheering on my dad as he takes on Sephiroth, running through Halo in co-op mode with my brother for the tenth time, or finally beating my friend in a round of Mario Kart.

When Well-Red asked me to write about a holiday video game memory, one just like that came to mind. I will be honest. I am not entirely sure if this particular memory happened in December or January, but it’s so hooked with the holiday times in my memory because it was on one of the few snowy days I can really remember experiencing in my life and it involved a video game I gave as a Christmas gift.

It was on the second or third day that it had snowed and our darling, dear White-Out Mage had found herself sick and unable to enjoy the snow days. My siblings and I spent the first couple of hours of that day building amazing snowmen on her lawn to cheer her up. One specific snowman was a glorious masterpiece of Kirby. And by glorious masterpiece I mean hideous blob monster, but she enjoyed it.

The two of us spent the rest of the day curled up at her place on the couch playing what can only be described as one of the most joy filled and chill games ever: Kirby’s Epic Yarn. She’s a huge fan of Kirby (like crazy huge) and I had gotten her the game for Christmas with a few other people.

The two player mode in that game is nothing short of hilarious and adorable. I remember the two of us getting pretty far in that game that day (though I don’t remember if we ever went back and beat it… White-Out??). We had so much fun spending time together, but one moment stood out the most from that whole day.

At one point, the snow started falling again right outside her back window. We hit pause on the game and just sat there for a while watching the snow with the Kirby’s Epic Yarn soundtrack playing in the background. If you haven’t experienced the joy of this game yourself, I would highly recommend it and especially just taking some time to listen to the music. It has some of the most peaceful and sweet songs you could find. Absolutely perfect for sharing mugs of hot cocoa and watching snow fall outside. We got so caught up we forgot about the game for almost an hour!

I went over to spend time with a sick friend and play a video game and accidentally stumbled into one of my fondest winter memories. This time of year is for spending time together. We see people we don’t always see, maybe spend a little extra time with those that we do see, and what could be more fun than experiencing a new game with those you care about.

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to all!





The Green Screen Mage is a founding member of TWRM, as well as a pop culture fanatic, comic book encyclopedia, podcasterer, and mistress of special effects. Be bedazzled by her appearances on the It’s A Classic and All-Star Comics podcasts.


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  1. Nice! That sounds like a blast, we rarely get snow here in south Texas so when we do we are in awe of it as well, always makes for a fun time. My favorite Kirby game would be close between Kirby’s Dream Course or Kirby 64, gotta love that pink floof!


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