Christmage Day 17: “For the love of Christmas”


mystic_knight1 “The following is a contributor post by the Midnight Mystic Mage.”

Video games and Christmas are two things that can be so synonymous for us as gamers. I, like many of you, have plenty of fond memories with Christmas and gaming. I have always been a huge fan of the holiday season and am what my wife might like to call a “Christmas Freak”. In fact, I even proposed to her on Christmas Eve underneath the large traveling mistletoe at a park downtown. She was so aware of my bizarre love of Christmasing that the entire night everywhere we went she just continued to think, “Wow, this guy really does love Christmas.”


So now that you have a bit more of a picture of how much I love the holiday itself, let me tell you about some of my favorite memories that involve both Christmas and video games. It goes all the way back to when many of us started with our love of gaming, to when I was a young kid with a Super Nintendo. I got a crappy Batman platformer that was really just awful if my memory serves me correctly. The great thing was I didn’t even care how bad it sucked! It was freaking Christmas and I got a video game so the fact that the game was pretty much objectively garbage was not about to ruin my good time. I popped that sucker in and played until I got kicked off the TV and loved every second of it. That is really a testament to the magic of Christmas because only magic in its purest form could make this trash game any fun at all. Sorry Mom & Pop! They can’t all be good ones.


Real Digitized Characters!!!

Fast forward to let’s say the age of about 12 years old. My favorite gaming memory when it comes to the Christmas season is without a doubt getting my very own Nintendo GameCube. From opening the box and realizing the glory that was held within, to hearing that beautiful startup sound for the very first time. This is the system that will always mean the most to me personally because this was the first game system that was completely mine and bought for me alone. I had a Nintendo 64 that might as well have been only mine but it was still to be shared with my older sisters. There was nobody I had to worry about butting in while I spent hour after glorious hour playing Wind Waker or Animal Crossing.



Opening the GameCube and all the amazing gaming memories that followed that day will always stand out to me as my most pronounced and warm memory of video games around the holidays. I hope to be able to give my children many moments like this in the years that are still to come. It is very difficult to top memories that are clouded with the rose-colored glasses of nostalgia, but I hope that I will have more heartwarming gaming Christmas memories.

Hey, now that I think of it, I might just be creating one right here with all of you! Thanks to all the Mages and Red for always providing support and companionship and of course to everyone who gives any of my blogs a read and chats it up with me underneath. I truly appreciate you all and am happy to be sharing a bit of this holiday season with each of you. From my family to yours, I truly hope you have a very Merry Christmas, and that life will be good to you through another wonderful year.




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  1. At least you got Batman Forever and not Cliffhanger…. I really should write something or do a video on Cliffhanger, that game was ridiculously hard, and just aweful, like all movie tie-in video games. I never owned a Gamecube, but I remember I was pretty jealous when a co-worker of mine invited me over to his place to hang out–he had one–we had a couple of beers and ended up playing Robotech: Battlecry for HOURS. I don’t think the PS2 or Xbox versions of that game are any different from the Gamecube one, but I think because that was the first system I ever played that game on, it was the superior version for me.

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