Christmage Day 15: “The Wizard”


The following is a guest post!”

The year was December 24, 1986.

At the time I was 6 years old. Our family had a strong tradition of going to Pizza Hut on Christmas Eve and after we had our fill on garlic cheese bread and meat lovers pizza we would go back home and open up Christmas presents.

Now before we get into the exciting part of opening up our gifts I am going to preface that the Nintendo Entertainment System had come out in 1985. I had attended elementary school in a very small class probably around 10-15 students. During the year kids were getting the NES for birthday presents and it seemed that everyone had one but me.

I remember begging and pleading with my mother to get me one. I told her that all my closest friends had one but I did not. I even remember saying that even one of the girls in my class had one and we don’t, my mother just laughed at me. At the time I was so mad and upset, feeling like we were never going to own one ourselves. I laugh at this now looking back and seeing how spoiled of a child I was and the odd entitlement issues I had.

My mother was great, though. She had rented me a NES every weekend from Super Star Video and always with a few games. My uncle would come over every weekend to play the games with me too. I remember the first time playing it on the old tube tv; sitting on the floor swinging the controller to the right trying to make Mario run faster (I always fell in the pit right before the flag). My uncle had told me you need to haul a** (holding down the b button) to jump over the pit.

When I died and it was his turn again he got to the same spot I died at and I regurgitated what he had said to me. This was my first time swearing and boy did I ever get yelled at. Of course my mom being who she was laughed about it later and made jokes about it. But bringing us back up to speed of December 24, 1986. I finally got to open my presents and mom FINALLY got me the NES. However she had told me a funny little story about this NES.

Throughout the whole year when I thought that we were “renting” the NES she in fact had been pulling it out of her closet every weekend when it was my bath time on Friday night.

To make this Christmas even better she had bought me 13 games with my “NEW” NES. Of course we got all of the classics: Mario & Duck hunt, Metroid, Bubble Bobble, Zelda, Castlevania, Ice Hockey, Rygar, Paperboy, Double Dribble, RBI baseball, Kid Nikki, Wheel of Fortune, and Pitfall.

It truly was the BEST Christmas ever. Having all of my family play the system with me, from my grandparents, mom, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It was a system that literally everyone I knew played. If there was a reason why I am such a Nintendo loyalist its because it created the best memories I have with my family.




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