Weekend Wizard Inn

The Weekend Wizard Inn: December 14, 2018

Greetings, fellow travelers! The Weekend Wizard Inn is open for business, so grab a seat and discuss what’s in your gaming quest log for the next few days. Maybe even do so over a piping bowl of ogre blood stew, a roasted giant’s toe, or a cool mug of our freshest male snail ale! There’s a great spot over near the fire with some of your fellow mages, and it appears a purple-robed fella with a… mask of sorts… is waving you over! 


cba1 Hey, folks! I’m Trash, a fellow mage (and somehow always the first to arrive), and every Friday evening I’ll be here at The Weekend Wizard Inn to help get the conversation started.

On deck for me this weekend, we have…

1: GRIS (Switch)

I’ve seen a lot of buzz on GRIS via social media, but the only thing I knew about it beforehand was that it featured a distinguished art style and some of the best animation I’ve seen in a video game.

It turns out that GRIS is a puzzle platformer, which isn’t usually up my alley, but as a fan of all the other artsy-fartsy games, I’m willing to give it a fair shake. Apparently, you control a girl who can unlock the ability to transform into blocks, fly, and more, but the trailer seems to focus more on the visual flair.

I still don’t know what to expect and won’t jump into it until tomorrow, most likely. Here’s hoping I share the majority’s sentiments!

2: Aaero: Complete Edition (Switch)

Aaero is a line-riding music game that combines the gameplay of my favorite Sega Saturn game, Panzer Dragoon, and… riding… lines. You control a little ship with the objective of tracing lines while the music thumps through your speakers. Between line-rides, you’ll have to fend off baddies with a Panzer-esque lock-on-and-fire mechanic that makes me pretty giddy. Man, I miss those two games.

I had a chance to check out its original launch on Xbox One, but the Complete Edition is on its way to the Nintendo Switch and the developer was kind enough to grant me early access. I’m stoked to dive back in after what feels like two years. If you’re a fan of music-heavy games and electronica, check out the trailer above. It’s a rad game that comes with new ship skins and musical tracks bundled in.

3: Desert Child (Switch)

Desert Child looks like a pixellated Cowboy Bebop meets Akira, but reimagined as an old-school, self-proclaimed “hoverbike racer shooter.”

You play as a poor hoverbike racer who desperately wants to leave Earth for a better life on Mars. The problem, however, is that ticket prices are about to skyrocket in two weeks. You’ll have to race, deliver pizza, blow leads, and upgrade your hoverbike (while blowing stuff up) between town exploration and traditional narrative beats — going by the game description, of course.

From the little I’ve played, I’m not too great at the racing segments, but the story is interesting and the look and sounds of Desert Child are on a whole different level. The pixels are wonderful! The music is a super rad array of hip-hop and chiptunes, thanks to the likes of Mega Ran, Girlfriend Material, and developer Oscar Brittain.

4: Rain World (Switch)

Rain World is a game I slept on when it initially released in March last year, but it just made a stealth landing on the Nintendo Switch yesterday without much in the way of promotion. Everything is more interesting on the Switch for me, so of course, I bit.

Videocult’s pixely survival platformer puts you underneath the skin of a weird slug-cat creature and drops you into a randomized environment where common debris is used as a weapon. According to the Wikipedia page (the proper source for all information!), the game purposefully fails to tutorial the player on survival tactics, so it sounds like a bunch of trial and error.

I’ve heard mixed things about Rain World, with some finding it way to difficult or open-ended, while others praised the graphical touch and soundtrack. I guess I’ll find out this weekend.

What about you, folks? What’s on the ol’ gaming quest log this weekend? Sound off down in the comments while I indulge in The Weekend Wizard Inn’s world famous goblin gut pie!


Trash is the Middle-age Horror Mage here at TWRM, an irregular co-host on The Unlikely Herocast podcast for CA! Radio, and sole contributor for his own games-related website, Cheap Boss Attack. Follow him on Twitter @Trashlevania!


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  1. While I have been busy Saturday, and will be busy Sunday, I tentatively start Skylanders: Trap Team, as I slowly work my way through the games to platinum all of them.

    The other plan is to possibly play Clue on the Sega Genesis when I give my friend the copy I picked up today for $4. I’ve always felt it’s the definitive version of Clue, for me anyway. Specifically on that console. Love the music and graphics and feel of it vs. the SNES version. Kinda like how I still feel that Monopoly on the NES is the only version you need, even when compare to the ones on the current gen.

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  2. With two games having come out of Early Access, I’ve kept myself busy playing through DUSK, and a lot of Insurgency Sandstorm. Somehow I managed to get up two reviews up this week. Basically any ounce of time not spent working or Christmas shopping had to go on playing, and writing. I really enjoyed them though, and I know I’ll put a lot of hours into each. DUSK will also hit the Switch next year while the latter will hit the PS4/XB1

    I don’t have Smash yet, but Splatoon 2 has a Smash themed Splatfest going on. So I’ll be going online, and trying to crush Team Villain. So far I haven’t won a match. It’s like all of the pros decided to go Evil. But we’ll see if I can chisel my way to King again anyway.

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  3. Right on!! I’m currently practicing in Blazblue Central Fiction on PS4, but on my fun time haha I’m playing Breaht of the Wild / Hyrule Warriors on Wii U and World of Final Fantasy on the PS Vita! 😁

    How are you enjoying Gris? Is it most enjoyable??

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    • I haven’t even started it yet, haha. I picked it up to play at some point this weekend — probably tomorrow.

      Breath of the Wild is pretty stellar and I spent *a lot* of time with Hyrule Warriors on Wii U. One of the main reasons I haven’t grabbed the Switch version yet. I’m afraid it’ll consume me again lol.

      Also really enjoyed WoFF when I played it on PS4 at launch. Love the battle system.

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      • Oh nice!

        I’m really enjoying it, got my saved data erased so have to start all over haha but it’s all good, I’m glad it’s one of my favorite series, always replayable to me! And u totally understand, Hyrule Warriors is just way too fun, and I love all the costumes and unlockables!

        I wasn’t into it at first, but I started getting into it about before warrior of Light came out! I’m at the part where you meet Shelke, but Seeing Squall was such an awesome moment! haha


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