Christmage Day 4: “Xmas in 60 Seconds”


 “The following is a contributor post by the Timely Mage.”

A lot of my Christmas memories revolve around games whether it’s my dad camping out in front of Best Buy in the freezing cold to get us a PS2 for Christmas or finally getting to open our N64 that we bought and had to wait for. However my favorite Christmas memories were of my brother, my cousins, and I playing on the TurboGrafx that my uncle would bring over every year.

Every year the extended family would get together on Christmas Eve at my grandparents’ house and as all the adults were getting ready for bed us kids would gather around the TV to play games. We would play until we got kicked off to get a wink of sleep and continue where we left off after eating currant pancakes on Christmas morning while waiting to open presents.

Early Christmas 2018 present

Later on we would move on to playing Star Fox 64 on my N64 but I’ll always remember taking turns side-scrolling through JJ & Jeff not knowing what in the world was going on (and I still don’t) but enjoying every minute of it with my family.

Games are magical if you’ll let yourself share the experience with others. Most of my favorite real life memories involved gaming with others, whether they were playing alongside me or just watching. You get to know someone better through gaming and I often find more of myself expressed as well.

As a bonus, my Y2K memory was of my brother and I playing Twisted Metal and drinking sparkling cider. So yeah, in just about every memory you’ll see video games there in one form or another.




The Timely Mage is a founding member of TWRM, a stickler for accuracy, a savant of seconds, a maestro of minutes, a hierophant of hours, a druid of days, and usurper of years. Also, FFVIII is his favorite Final Fantasy so all around he’s a cool and thoughtful guy, the kind whose mind is always ticking. Find him @protoavi.


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  1. Turbo Grafx is a system that I always hear good things about from collectors but have never been able to experience for myself. Definitely seems like you had a cool uncle for him to always bring it over for the kids around Christmas, great story!


  2. There is such a strange stigma at times when it comes to gaming–this idea of a solitary dude sitting alone in his room playing video games. It is always so much more than that, and incorporating family is one of the best ways to spend time together hands down in my opinion. The Switch has already made me so many wonderful family memories I can’t count them.

    It is so great to read your warm recollection of gaming memories past with family!

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