“MAGE CAST” episode #006 – Do Reploids Dream Of Electric Guitar?


What ever happened to the Blue Bomber?

In this episode, I chat about Mega Man X with Ryan the Beer Mage from Retro Game Brews Podcast (@BossVsNoob) and Brent the ABXY Mage (@ABXY_Reviews) and we unpack our thoughts on the chronology of X and the classic Mega Man series, the distinguishing features of the X series, which robots get free will, literal verticality in level design, what kind of voice Mega Man should have, and our appreciation for the incredible soundtrack (I also make my guests sing their favorite songs from this game!).

Also, listen for a SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT from the ABXY Mage! Here is a tease for the new logo for this special project…

What could THAT be for?! Check out this episode to find out!

You can find MAGE CAST through the linked logos below or listen to it right here:

google-play-logo-high-quality-png-11.png 1200x630bb download 886166_podcast_512x512 246x0w icon4@2x 58ee9a06c5e9b.image avatars-000131869186-my9qya-t500x500 youtube_v2-512 1200x630bb (1) BtVIgwbCYAAMsly2 1024px-ITunes_logo.svg


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Thanks for listening,
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. Slowly catching up on your podcast as I haven’t been on my work commute which is where I do my podcast listening usually. Loving the show, heard this and the BOTW one. Very entertaining and great to hear fans of a great game just talk about their general awesomeness. Loved the music talk of MegaMan x and great job with the tunes. If you ever have a spot I’d love to chat with you guys some day.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey thanks so much for listening! I’d love to have you on sometime, and since we’re tackling a game an episode, I’d really just need a bunch of game ideas from you that we could foreseeably spend an hour or two talking about picking just one of them.


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