Red Mage Briefs

Red Mage Briefs #48 – “Doubles and Sevens”

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson


My dearest,

‘Tas been a fortnight since last I posted my briefs for your inspection. You will find they are as red as ever!

A lot went down since the last “Red Mage Briefs”, so let me try to cover some ground and bring everyone up to speed with this weekly update.

ava Not only did we pick up two new contributors this month, but we were also treated to a double-header #magecrit smack attack by none other than the Bizzaro Mage, who has proven himself to be a prolific critiquer, indeed. Check out his odd/bizarre review of Oddworld: Abe’s Exoddus, and also Valkyria Chronicles got some love, too.

FF3-NES-Scholar.png Nextly, the thinkerer graced us with his brain once again! The Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage uttered the majesty that is his review of Overcooked! 2, a game which evidently must be played with a comrade right beside you. If you’re into wittily sharp writing, this is a must-read.

bluemoon Tertiarily, the Blue Moon Mage descended from the dark side of Earth’s singular satellite to deliver a spooky critique just in time for the spookiest month of them all. Her take on Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition is not for the faint of heart, and neither is the game itself, but as niche as it is, it is apparently of very high quality.

inkstainedmage We welcomed our first of two new mages this month in the Ink-Stained Mage, freshly dusted from the cobwebbed tomes of some ancient, magical library of sorts. His swansong to Celeste was a well-written debut review and I’m happy to have him aboard! I felt he really captured the significance of that game and its mechanically narrated subject matter.

ssmango Our second new mage came in the form of the enigmatic but down-to-Earth contributor, the Smarmy Smango Mage. His grounded take on the NES’ Super C is sure to please any retro gaming fan looking to talk a walk back down memory lane. As for me, I’m nowhere near skilled enough to beat a game like that, even with the code for extra lives, so Smarmy Smango is a cut above my cloth!

I expect to bring on a few more new mages in October. Yes, our doors are always open! Look up our Join the Party page for more info if you want to create with us.

Thanks to a recent milestone we hit on Twitter, we held a giveaway event entitled TWRM Seven Top Sevens in which anyone could guess what my number one pick would be across seven top seven lists. You can check out all top seven lists by following this link.

I’m super thankful to everyone who turned out and participated! Krystallina (@Daiyamanga) won with 5 out of 7 points!

TWRM Radio - Tanzen

abxy1 TWRM Radio is back, courtesy of the ABXY Mage! I firmly believe that love means believing the best in people and I think it’s important and good to trust people, so I gave this ABXguy the keys to the Corvette, so to speak. Well, I let him have my sign in for our official YouTube account because he crafted the latest mix for TWRM Radio: “Tanzen”, a one hour mix of video game waltz music for evening relaxation!

Going on a hot date soon? I can suggest some romantic dancing music…


Oh yes, and there’s a special project in the works right now. ABXY and I have been doing some covert discussion back and forth. I can’t really say much about it but it’s something on the side. I think you’ll enjoy it once it launches. Keep your ears at the ready for more information in the coming weeks. Consider this a tease.

Speaking of teases, I’m doing Inktober! Did you know that? You can find my drawrings so far on Twitter!

We published a new MAGE CAST episode this past week: “What Nintendidn’t”, a 1-on-1 discussion between myself and my very special guest, Matthew from Normal Happenings. I really enjoyed this one. Learning more about an entire swath of gaming I have next to no experience with (Sonic the Hedgehog) was a real… well, it was a real learning experience. Haha! Thanks again to Matthew for joining me!

Look out for the next MAGE CAST episode coming soon (due the weekend after next). We’re planning to talk about… spoilers… Mega Man X! Really?! Yep. If you have any thoughts or comments or questions about that game, leave us a reply right down in the comments section below and you may get a mention on the podcast!


Waiting too long on the MAGE CAST guest list? Impatient for that next episode of auditory bliss? Wish you could have more of that podcastery in your life?

Well, we are planning to eventually bump up the pace to publishing an episode every single week instead of every other week, and TWRM would like your support to help us reach that goal! You can support us on Patreon and check out this and all of our other goals there. I’m not a big fan of saying “give till it hurts” so I won’t say that. Instead, I always try to say “if you’re a fan of our work, then consider helping support our future”! At $118 out of $150 a month, we’re almost there! Even a single dollar a month takes us that much closer.

On a final, somewhat sobering note. I was struck again by the reality of mortality this week and so in talking with the Mages and the Warriors of Light, I really want to express again just how deeply thankful I am to everyone who stops by here, who reads or writes or supports. Life is short. Having a community of friends makes the brevity much more meaningful and I’m thankful for the people I’ve met online who have come into my life and brightened it.

Thank you.


SPECIAL THANKS to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!

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