“MAGE CAST” episode #005 – What Nintendidn’t

You were talking about the physics of it… I think that Sonic 1’s physics are glorious… in Green Hill Zone.
Normal Happenings


Episode Five is here!

Traveling back in time at high speeds to the first Sonic the Hedgehog game, Matthew from Normal Happenings and myself talk the blue blur’s concept, design, and execution, Sonic’s development history and future, Project Defeat Mario, the epic console wars, Sonic Tuesday, the rise of the PlayStation, and Sega’s legacy. This is our first episode ever to feature a 1 vs 1 discussion from two very different perspectives. Do sparks fly? Idk, but Tails does. Too bad he’s not in this game.

I really want to thank Matthew for sitting down with me to talk Sonic, a character that represents a territory of gaming I’m admittedly not at all familiar with. We both purposed to set aside our respective fandoms and address the game as honestly as we could, albeit from the perspective of someone who lived through the console wars, partook of them, and stuck with Nintendo all the way, and the perspective of someone who innocently played a variety of games growing up and didn’t realize there was a war until things were already starting to settle down. We both brought our minds and our passion to this episode. I hope you enjoy it.

Thank you also to everyone who asked us questions and shared their thoughts. I did my best to mention as many of you as I could: all of you. Haha!

You can find MAGE CAST through the linked logos below or listen to it right here:

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Thank you for listening!
-The Well-Red Mage


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  1. The Console Wars were a terrifying thing, young children would sometimes get bloodied and bruised on the playground for speaking positively about “The Wrong Console”. Those were dark days in gaming history. But we survived, We got through it. We Grew up, and we came out of it with a great understanding of how to peacefully love all systems without shame, guilt, remorse, or prejudice. No longer would we have to fearfully whisper which system was best, not knowing who was standing around the next corner listening. We are the warring console Era Survivors.

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    • Hahaha so eloquent!

      I do remember arguing with someone about who was better, Sonic or Mario, on a playground as a kid…

      Decades later, I’ve still engaged in anti-Xbox hate now and then, so I guess I haven’t change. Oh no… the console wars is ME!


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