“Red’s Top 7 Honorable Mentions”

We value virtue but do not discuss it. The honest bookkeeper, the faithful wife, the earnest scholar get little of our attention compared to the embezzler, the tramp, the cheat.
-John Steinbeck


Here is the seventh top 7 listicle in our 7 Top 7’s event! It’s the hardest of the lists, in my opinion, which is why I ensured it was last, but let’s see how everyone did with their guesstimations… These are my 7 honorable mentions, the games that didn’t make it to my Top 111 list which should have.



#7. Nintendo Labo

Labo came as a big shock to a lot of people but Nintendo has always been sensitive toward inclusion and children, and they have a history in making toys, too. Besides, it’s kid tested and kid approved. Is it a video game? Does it deserve an honorable mention? Sure, I think so.



#6. X-Men vs Street Fighter

Later overshadowed by the mainline Marvel vs Capcom series, X-Men vs Street Fighter was my jam for many a while. I can remember seeing it for the first time around age 11 in ’96 and being blown away. Cyclops was my favorite character from the X-Men Animated Series and seeing him go toe-to-toe with Ryu was an immense surprise. I couldn’t keep up with the pace of the game but I always thought it was hyper-cool, especially with that final boss fight against a gigantic Apocalypse.



#5. Vagrant Story

I’m way too stupid to ever complete this game but by golly that doesn’t prevent me from liking it. It’s extremely complex and difficult with all its systems and sub-systems… it’s like Square took off the kid gloves, but it has such a unique presentation. Some day I’ll beat you, my old nemesis. Some day.


#4. Cosmic Star Heroine

Not every game lives up to the “retro throwback” promotional buzz-phrase, but this is one game which did it exceptionally. Nearly everything about it made it seem like it could’ve been released 20 years ago: the brevity that left you wanting more, the battle system, the characters, etc. It’s a game I’d highly recommend to those looking for a fresh taste of the past on a modern platform.



#3. Castlevania

I only got to playing this first game in the long-running series recently and I’m convinced I couldn’t have beaten it as a kid on my NES, anyway. What an iconic platformer and now I understand why. I can’t wait to play the rest of the NES Castlevanias! Thank you NES Classic!

Super_Mario_RPG_Box_North_America (1)

#2. Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars

This is one that I’m shocked I didn’t mention in my original Top 111 favorite games list. It has to have been a mistake because I adore this game! What the heck?! You dropped the frickin’ ball, Red! This game took the best of the 90s and brought it together! Rrrr!!!



THE LEGEND OF ZELDA - Project64 Version 1.6

#1. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

This is the one title I always intended to give the #1 spot to, because I just couldn’t find the spot for it on my original list. Of course, who hasn’t heard of this game? It deserves the number one spot. To my mind, it’s the perfect way to end this list of seven lists.




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  1. This is a very interesting selection of games. I have played Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and found it highly enjoyable. I would probably recommend that game as my favourite game. I think I remember Super Mario RPG being praised as a good quality game on this blog, so I am surprised it was not included on previous lists of the best games. I found it interesting that Castlevania was included as it was mentioned that you had not played this game when it was released, but enjoyed it when you played it much later. This seems to be the opposite to how old games are looked at, with reviewers claiming that games they enjoyed as children seem lower quality than they remembered when they play them as adults.
    What are the best elements of the 90’s included in the Super Mario RPG game? What did you enjoy about Ocarina of Time?

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