Monthly Summary

Reviews of September (2018)

This weekend was my 7th anniversary, everyone! I’ve been happily married to the mage of my dreams for 7 years now and I’m back from a mini weekend getaway, back in action for more TWRM magic! Here’s what went down in September!



bizzaroforwebsite.png This past month, we picked up a new magely contributor in the form of the spikey-armored Bizzaro Mage (aka @winstolf)! He originally pitched a double feature to me for his debut on the first two Oddworld games, Abe’s Oddysee and Abe’s Exoddus for the PS1, and he soon delivered. This mage is a writing machine and you can expect Bizzaro’s third in-depth critique to appear sometime later this very week on Valkyria Chronicles! We’re glad to have you aboard!

FF3-NES-Scholar.png We also heard from the Sometimes Vaguely Philosophical Mage (of Overthinker Y) in September. His review of Overcooked! 2 was far from half-baked. In fact, I’d say it was well-done! Cooking puns aside, this critique was exactly how I like my meat: well-seasoned with insights and thoughtfulness. This is the kind of review where you can tell the writer took time to think on the game at hand. We’re always glad to host the SVP Mage’s work!

FF3-NES-Geomancer The Optimistically Sentimental Alabaster Mage (aka @berkough) may have been swamped with real life responsibilities but he still found the time to grant us a think piece on video game music and stigma! True to form, his writing encouraged some conversation, so check it out if you’ve ever thought twice about listening to Uematsu or Wintory in public transit. You aren’t alone!

coffeemage ninjamage A better crossover than Kingdom Hearts or SNK vs Capcom, the Hyperactive Coffee Mage (of Games with Coffee) and Mail Order Ninja Mage (of Home Button) teamed up to tackle spoiler talk for the recent God of War! Their spoiler-filled discussion was the first post on TWRM in a long while that I just couldn’t read and edit myself… I haven’t played the game yet and I plan to! However, those of you looking to let it all out regarding God of War can enjoy and engage in this Hyper-Ninja conversation with them.

As for my reviews, I suffered (enjoyably) through Super Mario Bros. the movie one more time, spawning an idea of a series of shorter reviews on live-action video game movies in the process, and I finally put out my Horizon Zero Dawn: Complete Edition critique. What a masterpiece. The game, that is.

Then there was Spider-Man. More on that tomorrow…



MAGE CAST published two new episodes this month, the first which is actually the third released but the second numbered episode, called “The Zodiac Killer”, and the second which is actually the fourth released and the fourth numbered, called “Fuzzy Pickles”. You see, we wanted to make sure we emulated the Final Fantasy naming confusion of the old days (actually, that’s not the explanation at all).

You can listen to these episodes and more through the following linked icons, but I’m really hoping for more ratings and reviews on iTunes. If you listen to podcasts on iTunes, I’d really appreciate it if you left us a review. It’d help MAGE CAST out a lot! Thanks!

Stay tuned for a new episode launching in a week’s time: “What Nintendidn’t”!

google-play-logo-high-quality-png-11.png 1200x630bb download 886166_podcast_512x512 246x0w icon4@2x 58ee9a06c5e9b.image avatars-000131869186-my9qya-t500x500 youtube_v2-512 1200x630bb (1) 1024px-ITunes_logo.svg

Oh yeah and now that it’s October, I plan to take part in Inktober for the first time ever. Here is my very first submission!


Yeah just kidding. I plan to do a really basic inked portrait of 31 mages this month, but it’ll be a little less basic than that. Hopefully. Haha! Here are the prompts for Inktober 2018. I’ll be posting them on Twitter and then collecting them here eventually. I’ll be posting today’s shortly! “Poisonous”… hmmm…


There’s lots more coming down the lane…

More mage crit than ever is on the way: Sunless Sea: Zubmariner Edition and Disgaea 1 Complete by the Blue Moon MageTomb Raider II by the ABXY Mage; Valkyria Chronicles by the Bizzaro MageAnother World by the Hyperactive Coffee MageOctopath Traveler, Mega Man 11, and Metal Max Xeno by myselfCeleste by a new challenger; a new TWRM mix!

The TWRM Seven Top Sevens event is almost over and there is just a Top 7 list for Tuesday and another for Wednesday to go! I hope everyone has had fun guessing. I try to make events like these fun, though I need to learn to think things through more neatly before jumping into things. Tomorrow’s Top 7 will be my most controversial posts. Think you can guess my #1 most controversial? Check out this link to take a stab at it.

We’re going to be welcoming new mages very soon, as well! If you want to climb aboard, you’re more than welcome. You just need to follow the info on the Join the Party page.

I really need a secretary…

The mages and the warriors of light are really bringing their ideas and support forward and helping us grow alongside our readers, and I really appreciate that! If you want to help support us through Patreon, you can help us reach our next goals for the site: paid writers, weekly MAGE CAST episodes, and yeah maybe probably a secretary haha!

I can’t say we’ve got cookies but we do have these cool physical rewards for patrons:


Thanks for being a part of this mini-world!

-The Well-Red Mage


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