“Red’s Top 7 Favorite Video Game Towns”

Home is people. Not a place. If you go back there after the people are gone, then all you can see is what is not there any more.
-Robin Hobb, Fool’s Fate


Home is where the heart is and I left my heart in these seven places. These are my favorite video game towns/cities/villages/etc. Pretty much anywhere that people congregate, except for dungeons. Because of course.



#7. Monstro Town

I love Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, Square’s pre-Kingdom Hearts crossover epic, except with Nintendo instead of Disney. Who knew that putting a platforming icon in a JRPG would work so well? Monstro Town is on my list because of a single door, behind which an immense evil hid: Culex! This Final Fantasy-stylized villain was a secret boss fight complete with the boss fight music from Final Fantasy IV. It literally did not get much cooler than that.



#6. Windfall Island

With some of the catchiest music in Wind Waker, this tiny island community felt so instantly endearing and idyllic to me. It’s one of the few places in video games where I would actually love to live! Did you know I love the sea? Man, I’d eat sashimi every day if I lived there!



#5. Black Mage Village / Dark City Treno

A double feature! Final Fantasy IX made it an event every time you reached a notable town or village or city and there were so many of them. I love that moment upon first entering when the name of the locale came up on screen. Lindblum, Burmecia, Dali… so many possibilities but it came down to these two for me and I couldn’t decide which I appreciated more. Black Mage Village may just be the most sobering village I’ve ever been to in a video game… so much reflection upon mortality. Treno, on the other hand, was almost the opposite, with such a vapid underbelly at its heights and real poverty at its depths. That card game, tho.



#4. Dologany

I gained such an appreciation for breathers in video games because of Dologany, aka Dragnier, home of the last survivors of the ancient Dragon Clan. In Breath of Fire II, it was the last safe haven before reaching the bottom of the Infinity Dungeon and facing the final boss. It was the breather I needed and it came with its own unique song, a sad and mysterious melody not heard anywhere else in the game (to my knowledge).



#3. Home Arni Village

Did I mention I love the sea? I played Chrono Cross while still growing up in Hawaii and seeing an in-game village that was like the idealized version of where I lived, minus the alcoholism and drug abuse and un-affordability, was a real joy. Sure, there’s a catch to every paradise and the people in Arni were being manipulated by FATE, but c’mon, that water looked so inviting.



#2. The Gold Saucer

Is Gold Saucer really a “town”? Next question! How many things can you do at Gold Saucer? Tons! Snowboarding, arm wrestling, role-playing, having your fortune told, joining the theatre, battling in the arena, racing Chocobos, having a date with anyone in your party including the non-romantic interests, gambling, and of course running from your deranged past while being haunted by the genetic apparitions of a pretty-boy madman. Really, the range of experiences is what lands Gold Saucer so high on my list.



#1. The Kingdom of Zeal

I wasn’t prepared for Zeal the first time I saw it, stepping out of that cave into the blinding blue zenith. The floating islands, the magical civilians, the arcane architecture, the music… I remember setting the controller down and just sitting and listening to that music. It’s still one of my favorite video game songs ever and now you know that Zeal is also my favorite video game town/city/village/floating false utopia in the sky. God bless ye, Chrono Trigger.




All that’s left is to prompt you to guess tomorrow’s #1 pick! Tomorrow’s Top 7 list will be… my 7 most controversial posts! Uh oh.

Let me know what you think my #1 most controversial post is in the comments below TODAY! Remember to leave your name or username so I know who you are! Link to your Twitter or blog if you want to. Follow the event on Twitter with #TWRM7top7.

I’ll reveal my Top 7 most controversial posts in a post on this site tomorrow at 8am Pacific (Monday), so come back and discover the truth! OR you can poke around and see if you can pick up any clues… or review the rules.

Good luck and happy winning!


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    • Aw I really love Lindblum too! It felt so huge and full of character, one of the biggest towns before they started cranking out towns so insanely big they’re just full of talking heads and uninteractive NPCs. I think you’re thinking of Rabanastre? That city had some tangible sense of heritage and culture to it, simultaneously European and Middle Eastern. Amazing.

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  1. I wasn’t expecting FFIX with the double entry! Although, like you said, the game does a good job of making each arrival in a town either emotional or exciting instead of just “here, have a rest stop”.

    Going with The Last of Us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hm. Your FFXIII review?? 😛 Nah. I’m going to say your Last of Us review. Your valid opinion seemed to be against the perceived opinion of the internet masses. Yay for civil discussions on stuff!

    Also I love the Gold Saucer 🙂

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  3. My vote/guess for top 7 most controversial blog post thus far

    Asking Big Questions #011: “Is Game Quality Improving?”

    I remember “walls of Text” appearing in the comments below.

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  4. Oooo I could’ve/should’ve been able to guess black mage town. Lol. Any one who said midgar was too far off (being an FF7 town was mentioned -saucer) .

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    • Somehow, after days of my phone Posting me As “JK” is suddenly starts posting me as “PJ” again… well, was nice to be other me again for a couple days, now back to other-other me…

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  5. I only recognise Windfall Island and it is a good choice. I like the way the developers managed to create the sense of a thriving town in such a small space. I actually found it strange that Windfall Island, which was so peaceful and pleasant, was placed so close to Forbidding Fortress.
    I am guessing your most controversial post was the review of Justice League. I remember you said you enjoyed DC and this film was very unpopular.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Right, it is a technicality at best, not something I’m worried about. There is a city there named Enhasa and obviously you can’t have a city within a city, thus it is a kingdom and not a town/city/village.

        However, I get now the gist he was going for was more favorite places. I’m not sure it would have changed my guess either way, so it is a moot point. These are just for fun, it was just an observation is all.

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