Red Mage Briefs

Red Mage Briefs #47 – “Never Leave The Cave Without It”


Never leave the cave without your briefs. And also don’t even try to school me on Bat-lore. I know what movie that quote comes from, but imagine it spoken in Bale’s Bat-growl! Haha!

Anyway, what is the “it” in the title? I’m getting to that. First order of business: Twitter.


We’re coming up on 2000 followers so thank you to everyone who’s following TWRM in the land of the tweets! It’s been an… interesting ride. Trying to champion long-form writing and civil conversation on Twitter is a real challenge but I have met some really incredible people there. We’ve gained contributors, patrons, supporters, and lots of new friends through Twitter. It’s now an integral part of my vision for TWRM.

But I’m also nervous as we approach the 2000 follower milestone! What do I do about it? I don’t want to be one of those people who hits multi-thousand followers and then decides to unfollow everyone else they were following previous (Twitter drama, y’know) so I’m not talking about that. I’m wondering how to commemorate it.

When we hit 1000 follows, I gave away a box of cereal. Hahaha! Yeah, I know…

Anyway, this time around I’m thinking a giveaway is already precedented, so what about something else? This is where I’m drawing a blank. I thought about trying out other lists, like a Sinister Six list of my most controversial posts. I just don’t know. What are some good ideas? What are some things you’ve done when reaching your own milestones?

Screen Shot 2013-09-20 at 12.04.08 PM.png

I know it seems like it but I really haven’t forgotten about the quasi-monthly Anatomy of a Review series… I know all of you have just been losing sleep over its absence, really. Well, it’s coming back because I thought of some specific angles to approach the subject rather than picking a random topic each time.

This series was about the nature of games writing and games critique, being transparent about it, and inviting critical practices from other forms of media into the gaming world. I thought about doing a set of Anatomy articles about the bare bones of games writing and discuss each of the graded elements that we typically include in our critiques. So that means I’ll be writing articles about visuals, audio, gameplay, narrative, uniqueness, accessibility, challenge, and so on while discussing how I personally approach making value statements about each of them.

For even more transparent, behind-the-scenes writing about writing and blogging and content creation, you can check out our Tips ‘n Tricks articles on Patreon.

ava I’m also delighted to welcome our newest contributor, the Bizzaro Mage (@winstolf)! He’s crafted a pitch-perfect critique for his debut which absolutely nailed the utility we built into our review format and delved into the merits of a retro PS1 classic: Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee. Please take the opportunity to read it and leave him a comment, especially with some of your personal memories with the game. Also, you can look forward to his critique of the sequel launching this week!

We’re always on the hunt for more contributors. Someone asked me this past week if we’ll ever reach a limit on mages but really… more mages equals more better. So if you’re thinking about joining, check this link and let’s chat!

I also want to take the time to thank our newest Warriors of Light on Patreon! Thank you to Chris Cesarano and Craig Rathbone for deciding to help support The Well-Red Mage! I’m going to do whatever I can to create the kind of content that will make you proud.

That takes us to the “it” in the title of this post… introducing: NEW Membership Cards!! These are physical rewards which are now available to every patron on Patreon whether you decide to help us grow with $1 a month or $1000 a month.

(please send me $1000 a month)


Physical rewards are something I’ve wanted to work on for a while now, since I always thought it was really cool when creators on Patreon offered tangible exclusives, and the idea for these cards was initially suggested to me by the Midnight Mystic Mage. Not everyone is in a place where they can access the highest tier merchandise rewards, so I wanted to make this one available to everyone who supports us through Patreon. I’ll be sending out the cards this week, complete with a hand-written personal note from yours truly and your name in my awesome penmanship!

Why a Membership Card? Well, it’s something material that shows you support us and you’ll always have it with you if you take care of it. It also adds some level of meta-interaction, too. You’ll notice on the front of the card that there are checkboxes for completing specific tasks or having specific know-how about TWRM, but what’s on the back? …That’s a secret to everybody, for now…

Can you become the ultimate Warrior of Light and check off all the boxes? Yeah, who knows. Maybe I haven’t even gone that deep, myself! But I tell you what… I never leave the cave without it. Visit our Patreon page for more info on becoming a supporter!


SPECIAL THANKS to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!

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