“MAGE CAST” Episode #004 – Fuzzy Pickles

It just makes you think kids are capable of a lot of things… We as adults tend to underestimate them.
-The Hyperactive Coffee Mage


Now that the numbering fiasco is over, we’ve decided to release the fourth episode of MAGE CAST!

In this EarthBound episode, I jumped last minute in front of the mic with Ryan the Hyperactive Coffee Mage and Brent the ABXY Mage to talk about a real SNES cult classic. Our discussion circulated around the idyllic vision of America, the death of innocence, the lost art of memorable NPCs, the current retro revival, disturbing 16bit imagery, the meaning of the series title “Mother”, successful video game humor, and lots of Poo.

You can find MAGE CAST through the linked logos below or listen to it right here:

google-play-logo-high-quality-png-11.png 1200x630bb download 886166_podcast_512x512 246x0w icon4@2x 58ee9a06c5e9b.image avatars-000131869186-my9qya-t500x500 youtube_v2-512 1200x630bb (1) 1024px-ITunes_logo.svg



See you here, there, or on the air,
-The Well-Red Mage


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