Red Mage Briefs

Red Mage Briefs #45 – “Irreverent Spidey Selfies and Other Stories”

LOL photobombing Uncle Ben yo!!



Happy Monday, or as we Hawaiians like to call it: teeny tiny itsy bitsy Friday. The week has just begun but then, it’s already almost over. You’ve got to begin to finish. Hopefully that encourages a few of you out there who are having a bad day.

Anyway, it’s time for a weekly update-slash-introspective!

First off, something personal: I’m really having a blast recording these podcast episodes! When I was younger, I was considered to be “in a shell”, a wall-flower, an inanimate object. People told me, in front of me, that I didn’t know how to talk to people. That wasn’t the best incentive to learn how to talk with others but it was a true statement, regardless. I didn’t start becoming more of a conversationalist and less shy around people until I went to college and became the most popular person on campus friendlier. I realized that if you want friends than you have to be friendly. That was easily one of the most important things I learned in college, and after that I had the chance to do some public speaking and even some preaching.

All those years ago, if you’d told younger me that I would’ve been able to do those things, speak in front of hundreds and begin a podcast where I talked with people I’ve never even seen face to face… well, I would’ve shrugged you off with all the introverty indifference I could manage! Now I’m running a platform that’s built on civil discourse, of all things!

I guess I shared that because I wanted to say that it’s possible to surprise yourself. You may think you have some limitations but give yourself the chance to grow and/or mature. Who knows what you might be able to do. Look for opportunities to challenge yourself and learn!

Next, here are a few things I don’t want you to miss! I finally finished a long-form critique of Horizon Zero Dawn which I’d been working on for months. I pine for the days when I could finish reviews in a sitting. Also, the Optimistically Sentimental Alabaster Mage completed his weekly post, this time on “Listening to Video Game Music in Public”! In response to the last Big Question we asked, “Is Game Quality Improving?”, Adventure Rules posted a response and I appreciated how he tackled the broad question from a completely different angle. Yay, discussion!


We’ve also got a new podcast episode available for your auditory reception! It’s “The Zodiac Killer”, a discussion on Final Fantasy Tactics. You can find it at a variety of outlets, hosts, and catchers in the article I linked to, but if you know of anywhere else I should get it up, let me know in the comments! Importantly, we’re on iTunes and I’m very eager to get as many ratings and reviews there as possible so we can reach a wider audience. Help us out and leave a review on iTunes if you can. Thanks!

As far as MAGE CAST goes, we’ve got two more episodes on the way. The next one, which will be up in two weeks’ time, is going to be entitled “Fuzzy Pickles”. You should be able to guess which game we’re talking about from that iconic reference. I’m excited to sit down and chat with even more guests to come! Those of you who expressed interest in joining in on the podcast, rest assured I’ll navigate the roster to get to you in good time.

I made a few more changes on Patreon to our goals, and they’re now phrased out as such:

  • $25 a month – New membership options on WordPress (REACHED!)
  • $50 a month – Ability to afford the Adobe series of programs (REACHED!)
  • $100 a month – Launching MAGE CAST (REACHED!)
  • $150 a month – Want more MAGE CAST? Help us reach $150 a month and I’ll start up a weekly routine, a new episode every single week!
  • $200 a month – Paying our contributors for their hard work, a new alternative to freelancing.

We are currently on our way to reaching $150 a month in crowdfunding, so if you’re one of those who wants to see more MAGE CAST in the world on a weekly basis, then help us reach our support goal. Our patrons, the ineffable Warriors of Light, have helped us reach so many milestones. We will continue to reach for the skies! For more info on our Patreon campaign, what we’re doing with the funds, and our vision for the future, follow this link to that platform. I recently purchased SoundCloud’s Pro membership so we can upload an unlimited number of listening hours and additionally we’ve created some new rewards for the patrons. Check it out! Even a $1 pledge a month will take TWRM closer to its next goal.

I’d like to thank our newest patrons, Haley and Chris, for their support! Thanks so much!

And now I guess here’s the stuff you clicked on this article for: Spidey selfies, easily the funnest thing about Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4!

As always, thanks for reading. I love ya!

SPECIAL THANKS to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!


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      • LOL, yeah, I’ve been playing around with the photo mode as well. Know what you mean, I’ll look foward to your opinions on it. Sure, I found a couple of things about it, but overall I think the game has been really well received. Have fun webspinning around NYC 🙂

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