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Red Mage Briefs #44 – “Reviews of August (2018)”


The month of August is over and what a month it was! I turned 33, we launched MAGE CAST, we took on a new contributor… it was all around a month I really enjoyed. This weekend was one of the best I’ve ever had. Spice of life type stuff.

Let’s take this Red Mage Briefs and combine it with our monthly summary, and find out what happened at TWRM. Maybe you might’ve missed a thing or two!

For August, I managed to complete two reviews: one for the retro classic beat ’em up, The Punisher, courtesy of Capcom, and the other for the retro-stylized indie RPG, Cosmic Star Heroine, courtesy of Zeboyd Games. I enjoy both of these games a lot but more importantly, I want to highlight what our mages tackled this month.

HandheldMage1 The Hopeful Sega Mage (Art of Redress) was the first to set foot into August! One of the best things about working on a team is when we’re individuals that disagree. Sega Mage and myself have had many a long chat about the value of Altered Beast for the Genesis/Mega Drive but our own resident Sega expert laid the conversations to rest with his review of the game. I always appreciate his respect toward history and this review is no exception.

FF3-NES-OnionKnight.png The Moronic Cheese Mage (Professional Moron) was up next with a review that I guarantee was not plagiarized in the least. Dead Cells is evidently a game that deserves a lot of praise, and not at all deserves to suffer fame because someone high profile stole content to review it. Our cheesemeister had kind words to say about it and the title sounds like a new exemplar in the rogueish and Metroidvania fields.

coffeemage I was happy to host the caffeine-infused work of the Hyperactive Coffee Mage (Games with Coffee) once again, and this time he brewed up a review of Soul Blade for the PlayStation One, what sounded evidently like a forgotten gem. This is what I would call a mechanical review, that is, it emphasized the mechanics of the game and what made its structure unique among early 3D fighters. It’s a must read for fans of the genre.

FF3-NES-Geomancer NEW MAGE ALERT! From the wilds of the sardonically pessimistic internet comes the Optimistically Sentimental Alabaster Mage (@berkough)! What a name and what a writer! The OSA Mage is our latest think piece writer and he’s already crafted not one, not two, but three articles for your textual pleasure: “Pulp Gaming”, “Prophecies on the Inevitability of a Streaming Future”, and “Valve’s New Steam Play – A Linux Gamer’s Diary #1”. This mage, to my delight, fills in one of our many gaps with his Linux and PC gaming expertise.

bluemoon Lastly but not leastly, the Blue Moon Mage (@wrytersview) was all the rage this month. She brought us a fun and delectably organized article on rage quitting and different types of rage quits, complete with some bizarre stories of wrath from the realms of the internet. “You Wouldn’t Like Me When I’m Angry: An Examination of Rage Quits” is a real and relatable article and anyone who’s ever been frustrated by this pastime we enjoy should take a peek at it!

You know we like asking the hard questions around here. An associate of mine said I was getting beat up for it after posing the most recent one, but that’s ok, you know why? Because I can take it. We’re willing to ask the questions nobody else wants to.

Alright so that’s obviously artificially self-aggrandizing. All for humor, I assure you. [shifty eyes emoji] Anyway, we posed two questions this month: “What Counts As A Hidden Gem, Anyway?!” and “Is Game Quality Improving?” It ought to be clear which of those two is the more controversial. I’m always struck at the oddity of a question being controversial merely in being asked, but someone best summed it up by saying it’s “polarizing”. I empathize with that, but nonetheless, these questions are there to engender conversation. Let conversation be engendered! Share your thoughts on those subjects with us!

The biggest news of August is that we have finally launched MAGE CAST! After over a year of broken promises, our podcast is finally live. You can follow this link to our MAGE CAST page to find where to listen to and download the episodes. Thus far we’ve got “Sand People” (on Journey) and “Perfect Organism” (on Alien: Isolation) available for your auditory pleasure.

I’ve recorded two other episodes scheduled to be released over the next few weeks (we have a bimonthly release schedule so far with new episodes appearing at the beginning of the week). I got to sit down with two guests and record “The Zodiac Killer” (on Final Fantasy Tactics) recently. Just today, my head popped off my pillow in the morning and I thought “Today would be a great day to record” so we’ve got another episode completed, “Fuzzy Pickles” (on EarthBound).

I can’t wait to share them with you!

On Patreon, we picked up a new Red Mage tier Warrior of Light right before the end of the month and I couldn’t be more grateful to this individual and to all our wonderful supporters! Our patrons have helped us launch MAGE CAST, providing the funds to help me afford all the equipment involved, none of which I already had. It’s a new frontier for me but I couldn’t be more excited.

We’re coming up on reaching our $150 a month goal which is when I’ll start purchasing better equipment, sound quality materials, programs, and storage space to make MAGE CAST even better. We are only $28 away from that goal! If want to support us with even a $1 a month, I couldn’t be more encouraged and I will ensure that your support goes toward improving our content as much as possible.

Coming after that, we’re creeping up to our $200 a month goal, which is when I’ll start paying our contributors for their hard work!

I also created a new goal: at $250 a month in patron pledges I’ll upgrade MAGE CAST to publish an episode… every. single. freakin. week!!!

If you want more MAGE CAST, help us reach our goals! My thanks as always to our supporters, both financial and in word and deed, and our mages, too! This place wouldn’t be here without you! Become a patron today!

SPECIAL THANKS as always to our Warriors of Light patrons, former and current!


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