“MAGE CAST” episode #003 – Perfect Organism

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-The Well-Red Mage



Can somebody tell me what kind of a world we live in where a podcast uploads its third episode before it’s second one? This website needs an enema!

But seriously, we do what we want. We’re trailblazers, gypsies, wild mustangs. If you’re asking “Where is the second episode?” my only response to you is “Fufufufufu, foolish child!”


So this time around the Black Humor Mage, the Timely Mage, and myself talk about Alien: Isolation with much fear and trembling. You can catch us discussing the game in the context of the Alien film franchise and other Alien video games, the addictiveness of horror, the value of good lighting, AI that’s smarter than you, lo-fi tech dreams, and just why the Xenomorph is so terrifying (hint: pregnancy and childbirth). Plus a surprise guest whistles Dixie.

You can find MAGE CAST through the linked logos below or listen to it right here:

google-play-logo-high-quality-png-11.png 1200x630bb download 886166_podcast_512x512 246x0w icon4@2x 58ee9a06c5e9b.image avatars-000131869186-my9qya-t500x500 youtube_v2-512 1200x630bb (1) 1024px-ITunes_logo.svg



See you here, there, or on the air,
-The Well-Red Mage


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